Twenty Things: Animals!

I’M THE KING OF THE SWINGERS! Swinging mid-air like a rag doll, this monitor lizard was in for a rough time when a playful elephant took a fancy to it. The unlucky creature had been swept off the ground and was carried around for a number of days by Madhuri, an Indian elephant. With tail firmly clamped in the animal’s trunk the lizard was swung around and occasionally put back on the floor. These extraordinary shots were taken by Jagdeep Rajput during a trip to Corbett National Park, in India. SEE OUR COPY FOR THE FULL STORY. Please byline: Pic: Jagdeep Rajput/solent © Jagdeep Rajput/solent UK +44 (0) 2380 458800 WEBSITE USAGE: £75 per image, unless written agreement already in place with you.