Today I Learned: Some women can have orgasms just from having exercise

First off, I know there’s a subreddit called “TIL (Today I Learned)”, and per the previous Daily Discussion about YouTube channels, I mentioned that one of my favorite channels on YouTube is Today I Found Out, but since I’m always plagued by strange questions that I have to Google, always finding new things out and learning weird little factoids about the world, I thought I’d start a new IHC thing. Today I Learned. Not to be confused with the other ones.

So this first one comes from a friend, who shall remain anonymous, but told me recently that one day at the gym, while busy crunching her abs on the ab roller machine, she suddenly and unexpectedly had an orgasm, and then had to try and play the whole thing off as not to embarrass herself. And that got me researching– how common is this?

Turns out, it’s not that uncommon. Sometimes referred to as a “coregasm” due to the fact that it’s brought on by working out your core muscles (abs, pelvis floor and external obliques). An estimated 10% of women have had orgasms brought on by exercising their core muscles and about half of those can do it on command. It’s not just one or two sit-ups that will do it…it takes a pretty good workout to get the pelvic floor to trigger it.

As the name suggests, the coregasm is most directly related to contractions of the lower abdominal muscles. Surprisingly, though, coregasms don’t necessarily occur in conjunction with sexual thoughts or activity. Many women report that coregasms only take place for them after several reps or sets, or when their abdominal muscles are already fatigued (and specify that they are not having sexy thoughts at the time). Having strong pelvic floor muscles seems to be key to the coregasm (another reason to keep doing those kegels!) as the pelvic floor muscles and abdominal muscles are both attached to the pelvis. And the pelvis is where all the magic happens: orgasm involves contraction of the pelvic floor.

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The more you know!

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