Rabbit Hole: Andrew Basiago

I enjoy a good rabbit hole, a crazy conspiracy theory that will twist and turn all while riding that thin line of believable and disbelief. A good rabbit hole has multiple levels of crazy and intertwined truths, I have found a good one or at least I think it’s a good one.

Meet Andrew Basiago, presidential hopeful and supposed time traveler/chrononaut. There are a lot of levels I won’t go into here, the idea of a rabbit hole is to give a little info and allow the reader to chase more info for themselves. Here are the high notes though…

Basiago claims to have been part of Project Pegasus as a child. The project was/is a black ops Time Travel experiment that used children to traverse time an realities. During one of his trips it’s said that not only was he informed that he’d some day become either President or Vice President in the years 2020, 2024 or 2028. He also supposedly met a young Barrack Obama within this special Op, the story goes that one of the functions of Project Pegasus was to inform future presidents that would in fact become the leaders of the country and to pursue and act accordingly.

Basiago, who has a candidate website that outlines a 100 proposal plan to right the nation. These proposals include things like transparency of government, space travel, the truth about extraterrestrial existence and Sasquatch protection to name a few. Mr. Basiago claims that we the people deserve to know the truth about what’s going on not only on our own planet, but within the universe as well. This also includes the truth about Mars!

Project Pegasus conspiracy sites claim that teleportation, time travel and visiting parallel worlds are all part of the Black Ops project.

Now, as stated in the beginning of this post, this all just conspiracy theory and up for amazing amounts of speculation. If you want to laugh and dig in deeper I suggest giving The Last Podcast on the Left: Episode 242 a listen.