Korea summit is over. At least we still have that ugly coin.

After last week, it was starting to look like Kim Jong Un was going to cancel next month’s summit in Singapore, but then Mike Pence threatened Iraq and Libya style regime change, Kim called Pence a puppet and suddenly it’s Trump who cancels the meeting, citing the North Korean leader’s mean rhetoric. It’s weird how things change. For eight years, we were happy about our affordable healthcare, smoking weed in the streets and getting gay married all over the place. Then the mean old corrupt rich guy with a shitty combover drops by and fucks the whole mood up.

Even though for more than eight years, presidents on both side of the spectrum have agreed that it was just best to more or less ignore North Korea, because they can’t really do anything and all the Kim family wants is to have their dictatorship recognized as standing toe-to-toe with larger world powers. But maybe that all could have changed. Even if a majority of Americans hate everything about Trump, North Korea was the issue where people really gave him the benefit of the doubt and thought he might somehow be able to do the right thing. And now that’s done…so… back to talking about Russia?