Hey IHC, I made you a stupid animated video with a free program

Years ago, Delsyd and I had fun with an online animation service called Xtranormal, before they started charging an arm and a leg. And then recently, Delsyd discovered an app called Plotagon that does something similar– let you easily make animated videos with custom dialogue, characters, settings and cameras. While there are some things that Plotagon lacks, the ability to record custom voice dialogue instead of entirely relying on computer-read text, and I had fun with doing some voice acting in the above video. Google Plotagon, download it and have fun. I’m not sure what this video is about really, I was just fucking around. I think it’s kind of inspired by Westworld and Black Mirror and closeted southern gay men with mullets.

Here’s a video that Delsyd made about a passenger in a car with really bad intestinal distress.