Fiction Discussion: What fictional characters does Trump remind you of?

This question was submitted by Truk on the IHC Discord server. You didn’t know IHC had a Discord server? Hoo boy, you’re missing 90% of the fun. Truk suggested a book discussion on what characters Trump resembles, but instead of just books, let’s expand it to books, TV and movies– fictional characters in general that Trump reminds you of.

Truk’s examples were characters from Kurt Vonnegut’s futuristic novel The Sirens of Titan— Malachi Constant and Winston Niles Rumfoord– two of the richest men on Earth who are involved in, or try to unite Earth through bullshit means during a war between Earth and Mars.

Also, like the header picture, another more obvious answer is Biff Tannen from Back to the Future 2…though future Biff was more than likely inspired by 1980s Trump. But whatever. Which fictional characters do you think Trump resembles?

And if you’re on Discord, the IHC server is simply called “IHC”. If you’re not on Discord, GET ON DISCORD.