Daily Discussion: What are you binge-watching?

Thanks to streaming services, television has been changed forever. No more waiting for something to come on, and then having to wait another week or more to watch another episode. Now, you can burn days watching through the same series, and it’s a great way to watch TV. So, guys and gals, what are you currently binge-watching, or what’s something you’ve recently binge watched that you’d recommend? I’m making my way through Umbrella Academy on Netflix, and if you’re a fan of really good adaptations of really good comics, you should watch it. It’s based on the series of the same name published by Dark Horse, written by My Chemical Romance founder Gerard Way. It’s got great writing and a fantastic cast. I’m a huge fan of Robert Sheehan, even though after Misfits, this is his second foray into the weird superhero genre. Watch it!