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IHC World of Warcraft guild information and discussion

This past New Year’s weekend, despite my better judgment, I went ahead and started a new IHC guild on Magtheridon Horde. The original IHC guild from about four years ago, was on Bloodhoof Alliance, but I like Horde and I like PvP, so here it is on Magtheridon.

Since Tumblr doesn’t support integrating a forum, which is something that I’ll be adding back into the site once I’m done moving it to Wordpress and back onto its own server, for now, consider this the IHC WoW guild discussion page. Feel free to ask questions, organize events etc.

You can see the I Heart Chaos guild page here on the Armory. If you want to join the IHC guild, hit me up on RealID on cranberryzero [a-t] gmail [d0t] com or you can look up my characters Tampwnz (51 BE priest) or Slobnoblin (Goblin rogue— this is the one I’ll be on the most for right now) or any of Tacgnol’s characters: Howitz, Plaguehoof or Vizzini. We’ll send you an invite.

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