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Morning music: Laura Shigihara performs a duet with YouTuber gbritaney

These two girls perform a beautiful violin-piano-vocal version of “Kaze no Toori Michi” from the Miyazaki’s Totoro.

Sunday afternoon animated shorts: “Like and Subscribe”


Detroit Lions sign YouTube sensation as a kicker

Havard “Kickalicious” Rugland has become kind of a big deal on YouTube with his amazing feats of feet with a football and now it looks like the Detroit Lions have noticed, signing Rugland to a kicking position. Hell, judging by the accuracy demonstrated in this video, Rugland could be a kicking quarterback. That’s a thing, right? It should be.


YouTube to remove all videos, pick a winner 

After eight years, it turns out YouTube has just been a contest to try and find the best videos people could submit. Once they stop accepting uploaded videos, they’ll review every one of them and pick a winner by sometime around 2024. Thanks for playing.

40+ officers & ATF agents raid home of YouTube personality FPSRussia

YouTube personality and gun enthusiast FPSRussia got his home raided recently by local officers and ATF agents, apparently looking for illegal explosives. Georgia native Kyle Myers speaks with a Russian accent and demonstrates using some of rarest and most entertaining weapons on the planet.

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Remix artist Pogo explains how he got banned from the US

The musician that goes by the name of Pogo has entertained millions and millions around the world with his beautiful audio remixes from movies and TV shows. He’s performed live for years in the United States, but one little bureaucratic slip-up and a turn down the wrong road got him a 10 year ban from entering the US.

Submitted by Delsyd

JASH is going to be YouTube’s very own comedy channel, by comedians, for you

Sarah Silverman, Michael Cera, Tim & Eric and Reggie Watts got together with YouTube to make the JASH comedy channel. And this is its intro. So there you go.

Sesame Street celebrates a billion views on YouTube with the Count

Sesame Street’s YouTube channel recently hit a billion views, so they celebrated with the Muppet whose gig is counting shit.

I Gave My Wife or Girlfriend A Terrible Gift For Valentine’s Day, A Jimmy Kimmel Youtube Challenge.

YouTube might be launching paid content channels

In order to try and lure in bigger content producers to compete with the shows on your television, it’s being reported that YouTube will be offering paid content channels. So now you can pay for all the stupid ball-punching, cat-jumping videos, you scab.

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