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British geneticist says yetis are descended from ancient polar bears

After studying two DNA samples that supposedly were taken from a yeti in the Himalayas, a British geneticist has concluded that the samples are not from anything living, but are nearly identical to ancient polar bears. Somehow, the idea of ancient bears roaming around just out of the corner of your eye is cooler than bigfoot.

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It’s getting colder, you’ll need this Yeti hat to keep you warm.
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It’s getting colder, you’ll need this Yeti hat to keep you warm.

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The American government’s advice for yeti hunters in 1959


In 1953, when Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay reached the peak of Everest, they reported seeing large human-like tracks in the snow that many interpreted to have been left by the legendary yeti. Just in case it existed, in 1959, the US government issued official guidelines to anyone in Nepal who might want to hunt the mysterious beast.

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Severed yeti finger from Nepal to undergo DNA testing to determine whether it is in fact a severed yeti finger

There are all kinds of claims periodically from the northwest US about sasquatch-like creatures, just as there are periodic claims of seeing similar yeti creatures in the Himalayas. But now, at least according to the Daily Mail, someone’s got a severed yeti finger that will be submitted for DNA testing to see if it’s a known species or not.

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