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Oh, and the NSA has secret agents all up in your World of Warcraft, kek

It’s bad enough that the NSA is mining your phone calls, emails and text messages, but they’ve also got spooks inside games like World of Warcraft, trying to break up Orc terrorist cells and fucking up your raid with shitty healers. In addition to WoW, the NSA has also put down stakes in Second Life and on Xbox Live, so be careful of the noobs you’re griefing, because one may just be a spy.

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The Walking Dead Episode 1 free on Xbox Live

For anyone who hasn’t played it yet, this game version of the TV version of the comic book The Walking Dead is fucking great. It’s been on many reviewer’s game of the year lists and it got 4.5/5 from IHC. And now, you can get Episode 1 for free through XBL.

Also, all episodes on sale on the 28th

Via Joystiq and Eurogamer

Earning achievements now unlocks discounts on Xbox LIVE Marketplace

As a cool new way to use and flaunt your Xbox gamerscore, you can now use your achievements to get discounts on the Xbox Live Marketplace. So all those hours you’ve spent stabbing bitches in Halo, tearing up the drums in Rock Band or blasting aliens in Gears of War can now be put to good use.

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Watch the US pres debates on Xbox Live, get a free Halo 4 suit for your avatar

The presidential and vice presidential debates begin this Wednesday, and if you want to watch them, Microsoft is offering a bit of incentive. If you watch the debates through Xbox Live, you’ll get a free Halo 4 suit for your avatar. It’s not like a huge, wonderful prize, but I watched the RNC and DNC conventions via Xbox Live, and I recommend it over cable news. It’s just the video feed with no talking heads or commercials or running commentary.

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Official Xbox Live app is now on iOS

Now that the brand new Xbox 360 dashboard update is mostly live, Microsoft today announced that the official Xbox Live app is now available for iOS. The app’s been available for Windows phones for a while now, but now Xbox owners with an iPhone can change their avatar, look at achievements and chat with Xbox buddies.

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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Announced!

Today, Valve (creators of Half-Life, Portal and Steam) announced the advent of Counter Strike: Global Offensive. It will be releasing for PSN, Xbox Live Arcade and Steam (PC and Mac!) in the early part of next year, so for those of you who have been dying to play CS on your 360, the wait is over!

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Xbox Live finally getting free-to-play games next year?

A consternation of both players and developers alike has been Microsoft’s refusal to allow free games or content updates. It’s why, if you’ve played Team Fortress 2 on the 360 for example, that the game is as naked and update-less as the day it was born— Microsoft refuses to let companies give things away for free, and Valve refuses to charge for updates. 

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Xbox Live Gold membership is increasing to $10/month starting November 1

If you’ve got an Xbox Live Gold membership or you’re thinking about signing up, you have until November 1st to sign up or renew to lock in the current Gold price for a year. After November 1st, all recurring Gold memberships will go up to $9.99/month from $7.99 and $59.99 for a year from $49.99.

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Microsoft details its Windows Phone 7 and launch games list

At GamesCon 2010, Microsoft detailed its holiday launch this year of Windows Phone 7, including a pretty big list of the launch titles that will be available for the mobile platform. Make no doubt about it— Microsoft sees the launch of Windows Phone 7 more as their big debut into mobile gaming more than an update of Windows Mobile.

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