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E3 2013: Microsoft announces a new, sleeker, faster version of the Xbox 360


Microsoft kicked off E3 earlier today with a keynote about the Xbox. There was stuff that we’ve already heard about the Xbox One, but even better (kinda?), they announced a redesigned, very Xbox One-like version of the Xbox 360 that’s available today. Kinda sorta-ish looks like the One, only it won’t force you to re-purchase all of your downloaded games. Hooray!

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You can now order Pizza Hut pizza straight from your Xbox. So that’s nice.

If you’re too lazy to order Pizza Hut pizza from your computer or phone while you’re playing video games, Pizza Hut now has an Xbox 360 app that lets you order your pie without putting down your controller. It also works with Kinect, so you can just tell your Xbox what you want on your pizza without using your hands at all.

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Kinect wants to replace your mouse and controller with more fisting and fingering

Right now, you can use your voice and arm gestures to interact with your Xbox if you have a Kinect. In the near future, Kinect technology will let you control your Xbox or PC with hand gestures, such as pinching and zooming in thin air, Vulcan salutes and I suppose virtual donkey punches and shockers.

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Dead Space 3 for Kinect will come with profanity-triggered commands

Ever since video games were invented, playing them has often come with a healthy dose of profanity. In the Xbox Kinect version of Dead Space 3, you’ll be able to trigger certain commands with that filthy mouth of yours. No one’s going to tell you what triggers what… you’ll just have to hurl fucks, motherfucks, shits, tits, donkey punches and cunts at the screen til something happens.


The Walking Dead Episode 1 free on Xbox Live

For anyone who hasn’t played it yet, this game version of the TV version of the comic book The Walking Dead is fucking great. It’s been on many reviewer’s game of the year lists and it got 4.5/5 from IHC. And now, you can get Episode 1 for free through XBL.

Also, all episodes on sale on the 28th

Via Joystiq and Eurogamer

Minecraft creative mode is on its way to Xbox 360

If you like Minecraft as more of a sandbox game than anything else, you might be interested to know that Creative Mode is coming to the Xbox version of the game in a matter or weeks. Creative Mode gives you access to all the blocks, so you can just build build build without spending all day mining for a single diamond node, for example.

In addition to Creative Mode, the new update will also add mine shafts, ravines and strongholds.


Earning achievements now unlocks discounts on Xbox LIVE Marketplace

As a cool new way to use and flaunt your Xbox gamerscore, you can now use your achievements to get discounts on the Xbox Live Marketplace. So all those hours you’ve spent stabbing bitches in Halo, tearing up the drums in Rock Band or blasting aliens in Gears of War can now be put to good use.

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Watch the US pres debates on Xbox Live, get a free Halo 4 suit for your avatar

The presidential and vice presidential debates begin this Wednesday, and if you want to watch them, Microsoft is offering a bit of incentive. If you watch the debates through Xbox Live, you’ll get a free Halo 4 suit for your avatar. It’s not like a huge, wonderful prize, but I watched the RNC and DNC conventions via Xbox Live, and I recommend it over cable news. It’s just the video feed with no talking heads or commercials or running commentary.

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Happy Wars, Xbox’s first free to play arcade game is coming this fall

There are lots of games on the Xbox Arcade, but when Happy Wars launches this fall, it will be the first free to play game ever on Xbox Live.

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Fuck bitches up with DragonBall Z for Kinect

I’m not really big on DragonBall Z, but if you are, here’s a look at the upcoming DragonBall Z game for Xbox 360 Kinect. It’s over 9000 or something.

Try to land on Mars with NASA’s new Kinect-based Mars rover game

When NASA’s Mars Curiosity Rover lands on the red planet in August, engineers will be nervously waiting out those seven minutes of terror to find out if everything has gone correctly or not. If so, there will be another rover on Mars… if not, there goes a whole lot of money and manpower down the drain.

In the meantime, you and NASA rocket scientists can practice your approach with ‘Mars Rover Landing’, a free Kinect game you can download to your Xbox 360.

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Xbox Live app adds controls to turn your phone into a remote for your Xbox

Up until now, the Xbox Live app for iOS, Android and Windows Mobile has had limited functionality. You can change your avatar, check your points and Xbox currency, but not much more. But with an update to the app yesterday, you can now use your phone as a remote for your Xbox.

The remote is pretty simple— it’s got arrow buttons and circular buttons for navigating through menus, but it’s not something you could use to play games with. Yeah, you could just grab your Xbox controller, but it’s still a neat update that adds something kind of useful to the app while giving you something to flip through Netflix if you can’t be bothered to get off your ass to get the controller.

E3 2012: Microsoft brings its A-game, turns the Xbox into an all-encompassing media machine

Today, at Microsoft’s big pre-E3 media event, they showed off some videos of upcoming 360 titles, but the big news is how the console is going to be even more of an all-in-one media box than it’s ever been before. With more channels, more movies, more music, more programming and a Wii-U like tablet called Smart Glass, Microsoft is going after everyone this year.

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Hey kids, check out the trailer for the brand new Skyrim DLC, “Dawnguard”

The new Skyrim DLC, named “Dawnguard” will be available this summer for the Xbox 360 only, for 1600 Microsoft points.

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