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Microsoft announces a Kinect-free Xbox One for $400

Even though Microsoft has insisted time and time again since the Xbox One was announced that Kinect integration in every game for every console would be essential, and that they would never sell an Xbox One without a Kinect, today they went back on that and said they’ll be offering a version of the Xbone without a Kinect for $400. This puts it as the same price as the PS4, and it’s something they kinda had to do, considering Sony has pushed 7 million PS4s compared to Xbox’s 5 million. 

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4chan tricks people into bricking their brand new Xbox Ones

Spread out of 4chan, many Xbox One owners have been tricked into bricking their new consoles, with the promise that the six steps would unlock special, unpublished features. Instead, the glitch forces the Xbox into a permanent and endless loop of reboots that renders the system useless. Microsoft has not yet respond, so it’s unknown whether affected users will get some sort of fix or replacement.

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Microsoft releases a cheat sheet of all the dirty, dirty things you can say to your Xbox One Kinect

If you’ve got an Xbox One, or are planning on getting one, you can probably figure out pretty easily that you can tell your console things like “Xbox turn off” or “Xbox watch TV”, but just so you’re not babbling on trying to ask your Xbox to advise you of the best place to bury a dead body or pleading with it to unlock hot coffee modes, Microsoft recently released a full list of Kinect voice and motion commands.

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So the Xbox One may replace your shitty cable box forever

The PS4 launches this coming Friday the 15th and the Xbox One hits shelves the week after, on November 22nd. If you’re uncertain on which next gen console to get, one advantage of the Xbox One is that it’s not just a game platform, but its HDMI pass-through will let you use it and its simple, intuitive menu and Kinect voice controls as a replacement for your cable box. That’s right… no more dealing with that cluttered, shitty and confusing cable box interface.

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Microsoft now owns, let the hilarity commence

Shortly after Microsoft announced the Xbox One, some people began shortening the name of the new console to “Xbone”, a moniker Microsoft is now making official with the purchase of Sexbone? Is connected to the hip bone?

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You knew this was coming, but yes, most of Xbox One’s exciting features are behind a pay wall

When Microsoft proudly held up the Xbox One to the world like a newborn baby, there was as much to be impressed by as there was to be disappointed by. An always on Internet connection requirement and restrictions on used or borrowed games pissed a lot of people off. But then there was also Skype, NFL on Demand, this huge entertainment hub and a rolling buffer game DVR that would let you easily capture moments from games to share with friends. But the question was, how much of this would require an Xbox Gold subscription? Turns out… all of it.

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Could the NSA use the Xbox Kinect to spy on you?

If you’re worried about the American government snooping into your emails, text messages and phone calls, you might not want to get an Xbox with Kinect or your paranoia about the government watching you fap might go through the roof. 

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Microsoft reverses its always-online and DRM policies for the Xbox One

After almost everyone reacted with outrage to Microsoft’s policies for the Xbox One console, mainly the whole thing about always requiring an internet connection and the way the console handles used games, after Sony skewered Microsoft at E3 over these issues, it looks like things are a-changin’, as Microsoft announced today a reversal on some of these rules.

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E3 2013: Microsoft announces a new, sleeker, faster version of the Xbox 360


Microsoft kicked off E3 earlier today with a keynote about the Xbox. There was stuff that we’ve already heard about the Xbox One, but even better (kinda?), they announced a redesigned, very Xbox One-like version of the Xbox 360 that’s available today. Kinda sorta-ish looks like the One, only it won’t force you to re-purchase all of your downloaded games. Hooray!

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The only backwards compatibility with the Xbox One will be your Gamer Score

As pretty as the Xbox One is, it won’t come with a whole lot of backwards compatibility. Neither your Xbox 360 games nor any games purchased for the 360 digitally through the Xbox game store will work on your brand new One due to the new console’s very different hardware structure. You will be able to transfer your Gamer Score, so there’s that.

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Microsoft announces the next Xbox, the Xbox One

Earlier today, Microsoft unveiled the new Xbox, called the Xbox One. As evident by the new minimalistic boxy design, the One is being billed less as just a console and more of a home entertainment portal, where games, music, movies and TV shows all share more or less equal billing. And as expected, the One also comes with a newer version of Kinect built in, so that ordering your Xbox around to play games or find movies will become commonplace.

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