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Shit gets all kinds of demonic orc crazy in this great new cinematic from the upcoming WoW expansion, Warlords of Draenor

Blizzard will in fact be adding a Robin Williams-like NPC into World of Warcraft

In addition to being one of the most brilliant comedians and actors ever in the history of film, Robin Williams was also an avid gamer— his oldest daughter Zelda was named for the princess in the Legend of Zelda games. In addition to exploring Hyrule, Williams was also a huge fan of Warcraft and World of Warcraft, having several characters on the Mannoroth server, where by his own admission, was “kind of a troll” at times. And so, after a player petition to honor Robin Williams in WoW with his own NPC, Blizzard quickly responded that it’s in the works, tweeting yesterday that they’ll “see you in-game”. Where this NPC will be or what he will look like or what kind of quips he might emote are unknown right now, but even the Horde will miss him dearly.

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Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft is now available for free in open beta

Blizzard’s newest game, Hearthstone, is now free to play in open beta for PC and Mac, with versions for iOS and Android coming soon. It’s a digital collectible card game, along the lines of Magic: The Gathering, but simpler, faster and with heroes, classes, stories and abilities from Warcraft. The open beta has actually been open for a couple days now, but I’ve been… busy. Can’t talk, got warlocks to kill.

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Oh, and the NSA has secret agents all up in your World of Warcraft, kek

It’s bad enough that the NSA is mining your phone calls, emails and text messages, but they’ve also got spooks inside games like World of Warcraft, trying to break up Orc terrorist cells and fucking up your raid with shitty healers. In addition to WoW, the NSA has also put down stakes in Second Life and on Xbox Live, so be careful of the noobs you’re griefing, because one may just be a spy.

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Blizzard reveals plot details about the Warcraft movie at this year’s Blizzcon

While Blizzard is usually pretty secretive about what they’re working on, at this year’s Blizzcon, they did reveal that the Warcraft movie will in fact be much more Warcraft and not really WoW. Directed by Duncan Jones, the film will start appropriately at the beginning, taking on the events and players of the Orc vs. Human war that was the basis of the original Warcraft game. So probably no Pandaren, that’s good. 

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Announcement trailer for the next World of Warcraft expansion, Warlords of Draenor

If you thought the Pandaren expansion was silly and childish what with its fat, cute pandas and shit, the next expansion is all business, going back in time to look at the home world of the Orcs as they rose to power, nearly drove the Draenei to extinction before taking the fight to Azeroth. There are no new classes or races, but there’s an entire new planet (not just a new continent) to discover, a level cap of 100, a tremendous amount of backstory and a brand new garrison system, where you get to build your own fortified town full of NPCs to do your bidding.

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World of Warcraft movie finally gets a release date of December 15 2015

Much like Blizzard’s games, the progress and status of the World of Warcraft movie has been often shrouded in secrecy, subject to wild rumors and victim to business politics. For a while, Guillermo Del Toro had been tentatively signed on to direct, then he dropped out, then there were all kinds of budget problems and Blizzard just being Blizzard in taking their own glacial time time to get things going. But now the movie has a new director in Duncan Jones (Moon) and now it has a release date of December 15, 2015. 

The December 2015 release date makes the end of 2015 a huge one for huge bazillion dollar blockbusters, putting the WoW movie against Batman vs Superman, Star Wars Episode VII, Avengers Age of Ultron, Ant Man and a new Jurassic Park movie.

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Warcraft movie finally finds its director in Duncan Jones


After a long, long damn time of trying to land the right director for Blizzard’s ‘Warcraft’ movie, it looks like they’ve snagged Duncan Jones, director of ‘Source Code’ and ‘Moon’.

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Cosplay of the day: Lady Sylvanas from World of Warcraft

Alexstrasza cosplay by same cosplayer here.

Red Hot World Of Warcraft Cosplay

This is Tasha from the Korean cosplay group Spiral Cats. She’s super pretty and cosplays as different ladies from all corners of geek culture. Above she can be seen as Alexstrasza from World of Warcraft. It’s totally understandable if you want to, like, build a shrine in her honor or something. She kind of has that effect on dudes.

Blizzard is selling WoW in-game kitten pets to benefit victims of Hurricane Sandy

As time goes on, there’s never any shortage of new in-game pets in World of Warcraft. But the latest pets, a cute little cinder kitten, will be sold by Blizzard to benefit victims of Hurricane Sandy. So not only do you get an awesome pet for your Orc or Panda, all the money goes towards a good cause.

The cinder kitten pet is currently not for sale, but will be in the coming weeks.

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IHC After Dark: When you’re going to have sex, don’t forget to turn off the web cam (SFW)

This video starts right after this guy and his lady friend had been having sex. Apparently, he was playing WoW, had his web cam on and then forgot to turn it off when things got romantic around the apartment. Skip to about 3 minutes when he realizes the camera’s been on the whole time.

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