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Photos of what Hitler might have looked like in disguise in the 1940s

The following pictures, released by the U.S. National Archives in Washington, show head shots of Adolf Hitler in numerous guises. The Office of Strategic Services (OSS) had asked Eddie Senz, a New York make-up artist, to clone the portrait of the German leader after D-Day on 6 June 1944 because they feared that Hitler might be able to escape Germany in disguise. And yes, the bald/shaved Hitler looks way too much like Jeffrey Tambor.

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That time JRR Tolkien told the Third Reich to eat a bag of dicks

"Dear Hitler: Suck my English balls…"

In 1937, JRR Tolkien published The Hobbit, around the same time Hitler’s Third Reich was beginning to consolidate power. At the time, Tolkien was a little known professor from Oxford, and when a German company tried to get the rights to publish The Hobbit in German, Tolkien was asked first if he was of Aryan descent. 

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New evidence reignites the debate over Hitler’s possible French love child

In the 1970s, evidence came to light that Mr. Jean-Marie Loret (above right) was the son of Adolph Hitler and a French woman. Growing up, Mr. Loret knew nothing about his father, other than that his mother told him his father was from Germany. But when he was a teenager, his mother dropped the bombshell that she had slept with Hitler and he may be the Fuhrer’s son.

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Check out the the trailer for ‘The Third Half’

Based on real life events, The Third Half is the story of the Jewish coach of the historic Macedonia Football Team during the WW2, which under his leadership became the champion of the fascist-controlled National Football League.

Winston Churchill’s high altitude pressure chamber

Winston Churchill’s doctors warned him that a man of his age and fitness shouldn’t be flying at high altitudes, so scientists had a specialized pressure chamber built for when Churchill might have to fly at high altitudes back and forth across the Atlantic.

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Never before seen color photos of Hitler’s posh crib

In these rarely seen color photos of Hitler’s office in Berlin, his apartment in Berlin and his Bavarian retreat, the Fuhrer had some expensive tastes. Not that you would expect anything less from someone who murdered millions to try and rule all of Europe.

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Awesome movie trailer of the day: FDR American Badass

Hoooly shit. This movie has everything I’ve ever dreamed of in a WWII movie, namely FDR defeating Nazi werewolves in his mechanized machine gun wheelchair just in time to get to a French titty bar. HOLY SHIT GOBLINS this is so badass.


Yes, this airplane engine has a cannon mounted on it

In the early days of military airplanes, attacks were limited to dropping bricks or shooting pistols out of the cockpit, since you couldn’t exactly risk tearing up your propellors by mounting guns in their way. But as a solution, this 11.8-liter WWI-era Hispano-Suiza engine has a 37mm cannon mounted directly between its cylinder banks.

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Disney propaganda from WWII: “Food Will Win the War”

During World War II, Disney helped to paid the bills and keep the lights on by doing a whole lot of animated PSAs and propaganda for the US government. While I’ve seen quite a few of them, this one is new to me. 


Whether you’re in a state with a large Jewish population or not, naming your roller coster “Zyklon” is in pretty poor taste

A roller coaster at this year’s Broward County Fair in Florida is managing to piss a whole lot of people off. Because if you’re going to name your roller coaster something you think sounds cool, giving it a name similar to poison gas that was used to exterminate hundreds of thousands of Jews during WWII probably isn’t the smartest idea.

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The Argentine home where some people think Hitler died is now for sale

The official record of events is that Hitler blew his brains out in his bunker rather than get captured by Allied forces. But the unofficial, conspiratorial version of events is that Hitler survived WWII, was sneaked out of Europe and retired peacefully and in secret in a home in Argentina. And now the possible last residence of Hitler could be yours.

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During WWII, Britain sorta kinda considered building massive aircraft carriers out of ice

During WWII, with the very real possibility of a steel shortage, British inventor Geoffrey Pyke proposed something so crazy it might have worked— build aircraft carriers out of ice. Or more specifically, “Pykrete”, a combination of ice and sawdust. 

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During WWII, the Allies had a secret plan to turn Hitler into a lady. A damn sexy lady.

In the fog of war, opposing sides come up with all sorts of strange and interesting plans to try and gain an advantage over the other. And for the Allies, one of those plans involved slipping estrogen into Hitler’s food over a long enough period of time to change his mood, and as an added bonus.. if it gave him boobies, that would have been hilarious as well.

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