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Scientists can now grow real vaginas in the lab. Vaginas. Sex toys will never be the same.

For women and girls born without vaginas or ones that are partial or deformed, the good news is that scientists can now grow you a brand new real live vagina from your own cells. For everyone else, the good news is that scientists can now grow perfect vaginal replicas of other people’s vaginas, for… reasons. Where do I pre-order?

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Girls picking up other girls, and they make it look easy

Not a lesbian? Wanna go out anyway? High five!

Microsoft researching a bra that detects stress to help with overeating, because women am I right?

Always thinking about the future and boobies, researchers at Microsoft have been working on a smart bra that would detect when the wearer is stressed out and likely to binge eat, and somehow preventing that unwanted action. Possibly by powerful electric shock or robotic voiced nagging, I don’t know, I got distracted by looking for a picture of boobs for the article header.

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Swedish cinemas adding Bechdel test ratings to promote gender equality in movies

In 1985, author and cartoonist Alison Bechdel wrote a comic strip that established her “Rule” for watching movies— it must have more than 2 named female characters and these characters must have a conversation at some point in the film about something other than men. It sounds like a pretty easy standard, but about 90% of the films now and ever would fail— all of the Star Wars movies, all of the Lord of the Rings movies, all but one Harry Potter movie, Pulp Fiction and almost every superhero action movie, unless you count the ones with the last minute girl-on-girl shit talking beat-up scene as conversation.

Now many movie theaters in Sweden have decided to use this simple test to highlight gender inequality in film, by giving a movie an A rating if it passes, a failing mark if it doesn’t. So that leaves… The Hunger Games… Bridesmaids… Carrie… ummmm… Steel Magnolias. I think that’s about it. No, Black Swan. There was some cunning linguistics in that one.

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Saudi woman goes for a drive around Riyadh to prove that women can in fact drive and that driving doesn’t damage a woman’s ovaries

Recently, the Saudi government made a statement that women shouldn’t be driving because driving can “damage their ovaries”. So one Saudi woman, against local laws prohibiting women from driving a car, took to the streets to drive around town. Oddly enough, none of the other drivers seemed to give a shit, and she had to deal with crappy traffic like everyone else. And her ovaries are just fine.


A serious PSA about boobs by chesty women

They don’t spend all that money on push-up bras and deep cleavage dresses for nothing.

Girls don’t poop, right? So wrong. So very, very wrong.

Here we go, ladies! To aid our ongoing deception that we don’t poop.

Girls fakes being pregnant, puts the scare into guys and their girlfriends when she shows up carrying a kid

Oh, the hilarity of scaring people into thinking they’ve got a bastard child.

Duke University study finds women need more sleep than men

If you or a woman you know seems to need more sleep, or is easily cranky if she doesn’t get enough sleep, there’s now science to back up the idea that women in general need more sleep than men, because of I don’t know uteruses or something probably.

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Photography series of the day: Portraits of Albanian women who have lived as men

For her project Sworn Virgins of Albania, photographer Jill Peters visited to the mountain villages of northern Albania to capture portraits of “burneshas,” or females who have lived their lives as men for reasons related to their culture and society. Many of the women assumed their male identities from an early age as a way to avoid the old codes that governed the tribal clans, which stated that women were the property of their husband.

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"The Camp Gyno" from Hello Flo. Tampons, pads, and candy delivered to your door.

It’s kinda like the Dollar Shave Club, except not really…

A woman goes up to random guys and asks for sex to document their reactions

Women are all too often discouraged from showing they have a sex drive, and it’s certainly taboo in many places… most places… for a woman to just walk up to a random guy and ask to get fucked. Lots of awkwardness and almost getting arrested for prostitution ensues.

And then see what happens when a guy does the same thing.

A women’s libido pill could be the “female Viagra” some have been searching for

As a biological fact, men can be fertile and still be sexually active well into their 70s or 80s. On the other side, once women hit menopause, or even shortly before, their libidos can plummet to nearly nothing. And for many couples this is fine. But for women who want to try and maintain a sex life with their partner into old age, this is a huge hurdle. Viagra and the like have been a godsend for men who want to keep up a sex life even when their bodies age, but what about women?

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