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Microsoft unveils a brand new line of Windows phone with Windows Phone 8

In the middle of the internet being taken over by Instagram photos of Hurricane Sandy, Microsoft held a big unveiling event, showing off Windows Phone 8 and a new line of Windows 8 phones from Nokia and Samsung. In the US, these new phones will be coming to AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile. Sorry, Sprint.

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Microsoft shows off Windows Phone 8, with lots and lots of customization options

Just a few days after Microsoft unveiled its first-party tablet, the Microsoft Surface, here’s a look at the newly updated Windows Phone OS, now up to version 8 just in time for the Windows 8 launch later this year. 

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Steve Wozniak thinks Windows Phone is the prettiest thing ever

Even though Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak will always and forever have an iPhone as his primary phone, he’s never shy about expressing his opinion on other phone systems. Back in January, he visited Google and talked about how he wishes his iPhone was as cool as the latest Android phones. Now he’s got a Nokia Lumia 900 and thinks Windows Phone is the prettiest, most intuitive phone interface he’s ever seen, even better than Android 4.

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