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Windows 8.1 marks the glorious return of the start button

So you’ve been really unhappy with Windows 8 forcing you into Metro tile mode by default, right? So has everyone else. So with Windows 8.1, the old start button is coming back in a prominent way. Sure, it brings you to the tiled interface, but at least the Metro UI isn’t the primary way to navigate around Windows anymore.

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Microsoft releases pricing for Windows Surface Pro, will start at $899 

Today, Microsoft announced its pricing for the upcoming Windows Surface Pro tablet, which will have the hardware to run the full, unaltered version of Windows 8, just like it were a touchscreen laptop. People had been expecting pricing starting somewhere between $1200 and $1500, but it looks like you’ll be able to get a 64gb Pro starting at $899. Okay Apple, you can come out with an OS X tablet… any day now…

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Microsoft unveils a brand new line of Windows phone with Windows Phone 8

In the middle of the internet being taken over by Instagram photos of Hurricane Sandy, Microsoft held a big unveiling event, showing off Windows Phone 8 and a new line of Windows 8 phones from Nokia and Samsung. In the US, these new phones will be coming to AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile. Sorry, Sprint.

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Microsoft Surface tablet priced at $499 for 32gb, $599 with the magic keyboard cover

This morning, Microsoft finally announced the pricing for its home-grown Surface tablet. Starting at $499 for 32gb without the keyboard cover or $599 with the keyboard cover, $699 for 64gb with the cover.

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Microsoft setting aside $1.5 billion for a Windows 8 marketing blitz

When Windows 8 launches later this month, you probably won’t be able to avoid seeing it and hearing about it constantly, thanks to a massive $1.5 billion Microsoft has set aside for Windows 8 marketing. When Windows 8 launches to the world, you and your grandmother and nomads in the middle of the Sahara will hear all about it.

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Hope you’re ready, because Windows 8 is going to bring along a swarm of laptop-tablets

With Windows 8, Microsoft will be unifying desktops/laptops, tablets and phones. And when it launches next month, expect to see a flood of laptop/tablet hybrids. Sure there are already keyboards for Android tablets and iPads, but with Windows 8, get ready to be overwhelmed with tablet-laptops every time you go into a Best Buy.

If you want to get one of these miracle machines, DVICE has a big list of such lap-tabs that are coming out in the next six months alone.

Windows 8 launch event to be held in New York on October 25th

Apple has had its big media event this year and come October, it will be Microsoft’s turn for a big launch party, for Windows 8. And I’m sure they’re gonna be living it up like it’s Windows 95.

Windows 8 goes on sale on October 26th, but on the 25th, Microsoft is going to be having a launch party, where they might also put the Microsoft Surface tablet on sale.


This is Microsoft’s new Windows 8 companion app for Windows Phones

When Windows 8 comes out, it’s going to be the desktop cornerstone of a larger integrated Microsoft ecosystem. With your Windows phone, your Windows tablet and your Windows computer, you’ll have access to all sorts of your stuff in all kinds of places. In order to bridge the gap between phone and desktop, this is the Windows 8/Windows Mobile companion app.

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No free trial period for Windows 8, will require activation key from the start

Many previous versions of Windows have come with an activation-free trial period, which was often exploited to get free Windows indefinitely, but when Windows 8 launches in late October, that will be gone. As soon as you first launch Windows 8, you’ll be asked for an activation key, no free trial.


Want to boot straight to the desktop in Windows 8? Too bad.

Some people like the Windows 8 Metro tiles screen, others hate it. Want to just boot straight to the desktop and never see it? Too bad. Word is that when Windows 8 goes gold this fall, you will have no choice but to boot first into the Metro screen. You’ll like it or else.

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Valve’s Gabe Newell calls Windows 8 a “catastrophe”

Windows 8 isn’t coming out til October, but already reactions have been very mixed. Some people like it, others hate it. In the haters column, you can now add Valve founder Gabe Newell, who says Windows 8 will be a catastrophe for developers (developers developers), because the Windows Store will bring smaller profits for developers and kill off open distribution systems.

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Windows 8 Store will offer a free 7 day trial for paid apps

When the Windows Store launches with Windows 8 this fall, you might be happy to know that all paid apps will come with a free 7 day trial. Sounds good for consumers, but it sounds sort of scary if you’re a developer. A 24 hour trial would be nice, but a solid week sounds like too much. Of the games I’ve bought either through iOS or the Mac App Store, almost none, even ones that I like, would I buy after playing them for a week. 

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