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Windows 9? Fuck that, let’s skip straight to Windows 10

Earlier this week, Microsoft unveiled the next version of Windows, which will be called… any guesses? Windows 9? Makes since, considering the current version is Windows 8, right? Ha ha, no. Microsoft wants to show they’re so super serious about making a dramatically better windows that they’re jumping straight ahead to Windows 10. Or Win X, because OS X has worked for Apple for a long time even when version 10.10 doesn’t even make sense.

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Things you should know: How exactly do Macs and PCs differ?

Other than a dock vs a start menu, if someone asks you how PCs and Macs differ from each other, here’s some knowledge.

Microsoft wises up, launches a free version of Windows for small screen devices

If you were born yesterday, you might find it odd to think that a couple decades ago, Microsoft was the (mostly) undisputed king of everything personal computer related. Before iOS, before Google Android, Microsoft was the personal software juggernaut. Fast forward to now, where Microsoft often feels like an old boxing champ that refuses to go down, even as it’s clearly bruised and wobbling. But in a smart move to try and fend off Android from becoming the new de facto OS for the upcoming internet of things— wearables, home electronics, car electronics etc— Microsoft has announced a free version of Windows for devices with screens 9 inches and smaller, which makes Windows a very enticing option for manufacturers looking to manufacture the next wave of internet connected everything.

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Microsoft cuts the price of the Windows RT Surface tablets, now starting at $349

If you’ve been on the fence about getting a Microsoft Surface tablet, now might be a good time, that Microsoft just reduced the prices of the tablets, with the base 32GB model starting at $349.

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Things to add to your Xmas list: Solitaire.exe playing cards

Yes yes yes, it’s a deck of playing cards that look exactly like the default deck in Solitaire for Windows 95. The bad news is they’re currently out of stock, but even if you can’t get some for the holidays, get some for your birthday. Or someone else’s birthday. Or for whenever.

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Microsoft unveils a brand new line of Windows phone with Windows Phone 8

In the middle of the internet being taken over by Instagram photos of Hurricane Sandy, Microsoft held a big unveiling event, showing off Windows Phone 8 and a new line of Windows 8 phones from Nokia and Samsung. In the US, these new phones will be coming to AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile. Sorry, Sprint.

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Microsoft setting aside $1.5 billion for a Windows 8 marketing blitz

When Windows 8 launches later this month, you probably won’t be able to avoid seeing it and hearing about it constantly, thanks to a massive $1.5 billion Microsoft has set aside for Windows 8 marketing. When Windows 8 launches to the world, you and your grandmother and nomads in the middle of the Sahara will hear all about it.

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Hope you’re ready, because Windows 8 is going to bring along a swarm of laptop-tablets

With Windows 8, Microsoft will be unifying desktops/laptops, tablets and phones. And when it launches next month, expect to see a flood of laptop/tablet hybrids. Sure there are already keyboards for Android tablets and iPads, but with Windows 8, get ready to be overwhelmed with tablet-laptops every time you go into a Best Buy.

If you want to get one of these miracle machines, DVICE has a big list of such lap-tabs that are coming out in the next six months alone.

Windows 8 launch event to be held in New York on October 25th

Apple has had its big media event this year and come October, it will be Microsoft’s turn for a big launch party, for Windows 8. And I’m sure they’re gonna be living it up like it’s Windows 95.

Windows 8 goes on sale on October 26th, but on the 25th, Microsoft is going to be having a launch party, where they might also put the Microsoft Surface tablet on sale.


No free trial period for Windows 8, will require activation key from the start

Many previous versions of Windows have come with an activation-free trial period, which was often exploited to get free Windows indefinitely, but when Windows 8 launches in late October, that will be gone. As soon as you first launch Windows 8, you’ll be asked for an activation key, no free trial.


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