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Win This Shit (May): Rise of the Triad

This month’s WTS swag is the 2013 remake of the Apogee classic Rise of the Triad.  If you never played the original, then it’s a little difficult to describe.  Actually, it’s just hard to describe.  There’s some Nazi-esque occult dudes and magic, and coins, and ludicrous gibs, and…. a lot of just plain strangeness that needs to be experienced to explain.

Rules: Leave a comment below stating your favorite PC gaming classic to enter.  One entry per person, void where prohibited, no purchase necessary, Canadians eligible.  Winners will receive a Steam-enabled copy of the software and will be notified by the email used to comment.  IHC staff and their families are ineligible. Winners will be picked on the last of the month using my magic gypsy crystals.


Win Stuff: Comment below for a chance to win one of 10 copies of DotA 2

IHCer DefunctRonin has 10 free copies of DotA 2 on Steam that he’s donated as a giveaway to the IHC community. All you have to do to win is a) leave any comment below and b) have a Steam account.

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Win Stuff: Lizard Lick Towing premieres on truTV tonight at 10pm EST, comment for a chance to win stuff

We haven’t done a giveaway in a few months, and then truTV reminded me of the return of Lizard Lick Towing, with the new season premiering tonight at 10pm EST. And if you leave a comment below, you could win a bottle of Lizard Lick spicy barbecue sauce. Shit yeah.

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And the winners of the Industrial Light and Magic book giveaway are…

baba_blksheep and Skramer3786! Congratulations guys, check your email and we’ll see you with our January giveaway, whatever that will be.

Comment for a chance to win the book ‘Industrial Light & Magic: The Art of Innovation’

For our December giveaway, IHCer therealHDCase has scored us a pair of books from Abrams Publishing on the magic behind Industrial Light and Magic. Okay, he scored one book and I’m donating a second so we can have two winners.

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November giveaway: Comment for a chance to win Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword

The latest and greatest Legend of Zelda game, Skyward Sword hits stores in North America on November 20th, and you can go ahead and two lucky winner will win a copy from your friends, buddies and pals at IHC.

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It’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for… the results of the 2011 IHC Halloween Costume Contest

First off, damn all of you for all of your great costume entries, making it difficult as hell to pick winners. Because there were so many good entries, I decided that in addition to the $25 for first place, to kick in an additional $10 for second and third place entries. Hooray!

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Win Stuff: Submit photos of your (or your kid’s) Halloween costume and you could win a $25 Amazon gift card

So Halloween’s coming up at the end of the month, and you and your kids if you have them, are probably already thinking about your costumes, if you haven’t already secured your costume choice. Well this year, that costume of yours could win you one of two $25 gift cards to Amazon.

Unlike most of our giveaways, this one involves a little more than just leaving a comment. We want you to submit your best Halloween costume, preferably from this year if you have one already, or no later than two years ago. But the contest will run for a couple weeks to give you plenty of time.

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Congrats to our four Trackmania 2 giveaway winners!

I just sent the emails to the four winners of the IHC Trackmania 2 giveaway. If you won and you haven’t noticed the email yet, our four lucky winners are: mattoc4, ornery ostrich, quagmire and H4XX3D. Congrats!

And to our winners and those who didn’t win, feel free to grab Trackmania 2 and visit the IHC Trackmania 2 server that Delsyd set up.

Comment for a chance to win a copy of Trackmania 2: Canyon

It’s been a few months since we’ve done a monthly giveaway, but this seemed like a good one. Yesterday, Delsyd set up a Trackmania 2 IHC server, so if you’ve already got Trackmania 2, you can check it out and pit your racing skills against IHC’s finest. If you don’t yet have Trackmania 2, here’s your opportunity.

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Win Stuff: In Celebration of The Gygax’s Birthday…

So I’m a big D&D guy.  And I have on my shelf a full starter set of unused 4th Edition D&D books that are screaming to get used but aren’t (because I’m using my other books).  So, WHO WANTS FREE STUFF!?  Comment for a chance to win. Rules are straight forward.

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Winged Guardian mount now available on the Blizzard store, but you could win one from IHC

The second purchasable mount is now available on the Blizzard store for your World of Warcraft character, and it’s leaps and bounds less fruity than the sparkle pony mount. Before we get into the ethics of Blizzard selling shit for in-game, let’s talk about how you could win one of these suckers from IHC.

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Oh yeah, the Easter Egg giveaway. That did happen and our winners were…

So sorry I keep forgetting to post this. So not all of the Easter eggs were found… there were three that remained hidden, but that’s close enough, so I went ahead with the giveaway anyway.

And the winners of the Easter giveaway were… Mgoodfel and ChildofParadise. Congrats to them and thanks to everybody for participating and I’m sorry it’s a week later that I’m announcing the winners.

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