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IHC After Dark: “Little Hitler”

Oh, that Hitler… such a nice young boy. At least he was.

Holy shit, this salad tastes JUST LIKE PUSSY

Waiter, I’ll have a big plate of that PUSSY SALAD. God damn it tastes just like PUSSY.

Thanks to Doug C. for the link

Morning music videos: WKUK “Dinosaur Rap”

I lol’d. A lot. Fucking raptors, always fucking up a party and making bitches paranoid.

Thanks to Delsyd for the link

Good morning! Time to recite the new American national anthem

From WKUK, it’s the little kids version of the national anthem. Happy Memorial Day.

WKUK vid of the day: “Jizzle”

My my, that’s a whole lot of jizz. That’s gonna take one absorbant towel.

Thanks to Delsyd for the link

Finally kick the habit with Nic-o-Dick

If you’ve quit smoking but you still can’t give up nicotine patches, gum or lozenges, shame your way into kicking the nicotine habit with Nic-o-Dick!


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