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Florida legalizes medical marijuana. This should end hilariously.

Yesterday, Florida governor Rick Scott signed a bill legalized limited used of medical marijuana for epileptic seizures and other disorders. The “limited use” means there’s a smaller list of approved uses, unlike states like California in which literally almost everything qualifies for medical marijuana, which isn’t a bad thing, but Florida… hmmm.

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Seth Rogen and Snoop Dogg smoke weed and recap Game of Thrones

In which they discuss Tyrion and unsullied men among other things.

Obama to set new regulations on banks and pot money in states where weed is legal

Since Colorado and Washington have been engulfed in a cloud of pot smoke, that means a lot of people making lots of money selling legal weed. Problem is that not a single bank will touch that cash for anything— even though pot is legal in Colorado and Washington for full recreational use, banks are still regulated by the the federal government and marijuana is still illegal at the federal level. Meaning any banks knowingly keeping money made from the sale of weed put this at a very real risk of gigantic federal fines, closure or both. So this means is a big problem for weed shop owners, who have to store and transport cash like it was the wild west— huge sums of cash with a car full of shotguns to prevent robbery.

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