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It looks like there’s liquid water flowing on Mars right fucking now

The majority of exploration into the presence of water on Mars deals with looking for evidence that there was water on the planet at some point in the past. But NASA JPL has announced they think water may be flowing right this very moment. A combination of salt and iron may be giving this seeping groundwater a natural antifreeze property, and you wouldn’t want to drink it, but still, shit… water on Mars as we speak.

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Curiosity rover extracts water from dry Martian soil, space mud pies for everybody

Even though Mars appears to be dry as a bone for the most part, NASA’s Curiosity rover has found that your average Martian soil is 2% water, which is plenty when it comes to providing water for future Martian explorers or inhabitants. Curiosity took some soil from the red planet, heated it up until it produced steam, cooled the steam down and voila— water. Pretty much the same process as condensing alcohol from a still, but with water. And from all that dry dirt, this process could easily be used to provide water for your great-great-great Martian grandchilldren.

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Scientist drinks billion year old water… just for the fuck of it

Sometimes in science, you have to have the mindset of a child. If something is out there to be done or to be tested, sometimes you just have to do it to see what happens. So after a cache of underground water was discovered in Canada last year that had lay undisturbed for 1.5 billion years, Dr. Barbara Sherwood Lollar had to see what it tasted like. For science.

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Watch the future of computer-generated fluid dynamics

Computer generated water has come a long, long way, but it’s still not quite perfect. This demonstration of PhysXInfo’s new Position Based Fluids system comes pretty damn close to mimicking the complexities of moving water.


Could you replace drinking water with beer?

Beer, an alcohol in general can cause dehydration, but with the right kind of beer, could you completely replace drinking water with just drinking beer? These are the kinds of questions that science is here to answer.

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Bending water into all kinds of wacky shapes using soundwaves

A stream of water appears to form a corkscrew shape and even move backwards in this video by science & illusion enthusiast Brusspup. The effect is achieved by playing a 24hz sine wave sound on a speaker, running water past the speaker, and filming the water at 24 frames per second (the effect is not visible to the naked eye). The water appears to move slowly forwards or backwards by raising or lowering the sound frequency.


This is what it looks like when a drop of water freezes

Even though so far it’s been a record warm fall (almost winter) in the US, there’s still plenty of freezing to go around. And if you’ve ever wondered what a drop of water looks like when it freezes, here ya go.

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Evening future tech: Cutting a water droplet using a superhydrophobic knife on superhydrophobic surfaces

Just as the title says, here’s a video of a single water droplet being neatly sliced with a superhydrophobic knife.

Low-tech solar oven turns saltwater into drinkable water

Clean, drinkable water is beginning to emerge as one of the biggest problems facing the emerging world, with populations in many areas quickly surpassing the ability of old infrastructure to keep up. And so every day, millions and millions around the world struggle to find clean water for cooking and drinking. But now there’s a low tech solution for those living near the coast— a solar oven that uses the heat of the sun to turn salt water into potable fresh water.

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Another use for graphene: It’s a quick and easy way to make seawater drinkable

Whether it’s conducting cheap electricity or making super strong nanotubes, graphene is the stuff that just keep bringing amazing new uses. And one of those uses is using a single atom thick sheet of graphene to filter salt out of seawater, resulting in only pure drinkable water. 

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There’s more water on Europa than there is on Earth

As vast and deep as the oceans look to us, compared to the rest of our rocky planet, our mighty oceans are but a thin skin of water . In the above illustration from the USGS above, you can see that all of Earth’s water, if condensed into a single ball, would only be half as wide as the US. Europa on the other hand, has quite a bit more. There goes the sci-fi stories about aliens invading Earth to get our precious water.

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Trippy sciencey video of the day: Static flow of water using sound

You’re actually seeing 25 different drops [or segments of the stream] every second… the waveform being played through the speaker is vibrating the pipe in a uniform way, so the drops exit the pipe uniformly, the frame rate of the camera is synced with the speaker so the drops appear static, [and] the short shutter speed means the drops appear sharp and frozen in mid air [a longer shutter speed, in contrast, would capture more of each droplet’s movement, causing it to appear blurry].

What’s the coldest water can get before it turns to ice?

What’s the coldest water can get before it turns to ice? 32 degrees F/0 degrees C? Nope. If you’re clever, you might say 0 degrees F, the temperature at which salt water freezes, but that’s still not close. Turns out, the absolute coldest water can get before it absolutely has to turn to ice is -55 degrees Fahrenheit. 

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