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Warp-drive? Sorry, no. How about a warp-cannon?

…But the Australian research indicates that the high-energy particles that are constantly shooting around space could get swept up in the ship’s warp field and become trapped in the ‘bubble’, with more and more of the particles filling the stable pocket the longer the journey lasts.

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NASA: Warp drive is ‘plausible and worth further investigation’

Keeping the dream alive for millions, NASA recently said that the idea of a warp drive, as has become fairly common in sci-fi, is a plausible idea and should be pursued. Score one for Star Trek.

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So the downside of traveling with a warp drive is that you might kill everyone when you arrive. Details, details.

Because of the vast distances between stars and inhabitable planets in the universe, faster than light travel such as warp drives are essential for keeping the plot moving. And theoretically, warp speed travel is possible, but the downside is that it may have deadly consequences when you come to a stop.

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