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First video of a Black Friday brawl, from a Walmart in Elkin, NC

A guy comes barreling through a crowd swinging a flat screen TV. The guy that filmed this was then kicked out of Walmart… because Christmas.

Walmart Employee Turns Tricks in Store Bathroom During Breaks

A Walmart employee in upstate New York allegedly made very productive use of his time during overnight shifts in the store. Unfortunately, he did so by advertising his services online as a prostitute, then meeting clients in a store bathroom during his breaks. Great efficient use of time, but also kind of illegal.

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Walmart adds iPhone 4 and 5 to its stupidly cheap pre-paid plan

Saying that customers shouldn’t have to choose between price and having the latest gadgets, Walmart announced yesterday that it would be adding the iPhone 4 and iPhone 5 to its stupidly cheap pre-paid plan. Since it’s a pre-paid plan, you’ll have to buy the phones up front, but after that it’s just $45/mo for unlimited everything.

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For those times when cleaning your vag requires something industrial strength…

For those times when cleaning your vag requires something industrial strength…

Woman upset that her mom showed up on People of Wal-Mart

"You’re not safe in a store in public? You have no privacy? I could go into a store and take a picture of anyone and put it up on a web page?" Yes. It works like that. Tell your mom to stop dressing like a freak and she won’t have to worry about ending up on People of Wal-Mart.


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