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60 Minutes: “Prosecuting Wall Street”

60 Minutes gets tired of waiting for the Justice Department to build cases against corrupt corporations and their executives.  60 Minutes says, “Fuck it, we’ll do it for you.”  Watch this, share this, and educate yourselves on what’s going on with YOUR money.

Wall Street insider explains why you’ll never win

This is a long wall of text post from Reddit, but it’s worth a read. It’s from a Wall Street insider on why the gap between the rich and poor will only get bigger over time. Their secret? Hedge funds.

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Anger and anarchy on Wall Street from 1920

With dozens and dozens of Occupy movements springing up across the US (see a map of them here), it’s important to remember that this isn’t the first time such anger has flooded Wall Street. Back in 1920, nine years before the official start of the Great Depression, anarchists set off a car bomb that killed 39, the largest domestic terror attack in the US until the Oklahoma City bombing 75 years later. Today’s protestors are non-violent, but the anarchists of 1920 didn’t give a fuck.

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After eight days of Occupy Wall Street protests, things got sort of ugly

After eight days of peaceful protest in lower Manhattan, police moved in on the protesters in force yesterday, arresting over 80 protestors and subduing dozens more with tasers, pepper spray and batons. Many protesters are calling “police brutality”, but it’s unclear to what extent that may be the case. Yay America.

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IHC Movie Reviews: Wall Street 2: Money Never Sleeps

In 1987, Oliver Stone exposed the seedy and greedy underbelly of American finance through the character of Gordon Gekko in the film Wall Street. The movie served as a wake-up call to signal the end of the seemingly endless stock market prosperity of the 1980s and returns in 2010 to prove that no one learns their lesson when there’s billions on the line. And now at this day and age, Stone delivers the perfect sequel at he perfect time. If Stone had for some reason felt compelled to write a Wall Street 2 directly after the success of the first film, I cant imagine that it would have had much impact, but 20+ years later, this Wall Street 2 is exactly poised where it needs to be in history. It’s a damn good movie, that delivers just as much tension and drama as the original without ever feeling rehashed or half-assed. Until the end.

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