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DARPA using Oculus Rift to create a virtual battle network to fight cyberattackers

Right now, the US government and the military conduct cyber warfare like everyone else— lots of eyeballs on screens and screens of data, sorting through lines of code and addresses and commands to find patterns, correlations and track activity. But in THE FUTURE, we could be global cyber attackers like they do in Hollywood— geeky dudes going all Snow Crash with digital samurai swords on other hackers in a virtual reality space. This is gonna be so badass.

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Facebook buys Oculus VR for some reason, for $2 billion

The Oculus Rift has gotten nothing but love as the future of virtual reality and VR gaming, and has even prompted Sony to create a similar VR technology for the PS4. And then today, out of the blue, Facebook announced it had bought Oculus VR for $2 billion. But why would Facebook want to pay so much money for the manufacturer or virtual reality goggles? Apparently, they’re hoping to eventually have virtual games, virtual videos and virtual classrooms as part of Facebook. Oh for fuck’s sake, get ready for Candy Crush VR.

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Sony will be bringing VR to the PS4 and apparently it’s pretty fucking amazing

So the Oculus Rift has gotten so much love in the past few years as being the first enjoyable (read: awesome) consumer level VR gaming experience, and while it hasn’t been officially announced, the existence of Sony’s own PS4 VR headset codenamed Project Morpheus has been confirmed, Engadget got to play with it, and they’re pretty damn impressed.

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Art project “Machine to Be Another” uses Oculus Rift to let people swap genders (NSFW)

Two people with Oculus Rift VR goggles and a whole lot of gender swapped groping and a couple of confused brains who think that the plumbing just changed.

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Flying the Death Star trench run with Oculus Rift VR goggles

Developer Boone Calhoun made this virtual Death Star trench run for use with Oculus Rift goggles. 

Submitted by Delsyd

Someone is developing an “erotic adventure” for the Oculus Rift VR goggles

Invent a technology and someone will invent porn for it. And with the emerging popularity of the Oculus Rift VR goggles, a team of veteran game designers have gotten together to create an erotic game just for use with the Rift.

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Using the Oculus Rift VR glasses as a guillotine simulator

Of all the things one could use VR goggle for, “being virtually decapitated” is probably not high on anyone’s list. But when the technology exists, all sorts of crazy shit can happen…

Ninety year old woman goes crazy for virtual reality

This 90 year old grandmother gets to try out some Oculus Rift VR goggles and she takes quite a liking to them.

Valve ports Team Fortress 2 to virtual reality just for kicks

Virtual reality is one of those things that periodically comes out on the table as a future technology that will become indispensable any day now. But with each new VR promise, the public quickly gets annoyed with the technology in reality. Valve has apparently been testing Team Fortress 2 made for VR to see if there’s any future in VR-based Valve games.

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AVGN and Motherfucker Mike review the Virtual Reality Stuntmaster, the worst VR thing ever

Not just the worst VR thing ever, but probably one of the worst products ever made ever. The video is a little over 14 minutes and about 11 or 12 of those minutes are spent just trying to figure out how to plug the damn thing in. It’s just awful in every way.


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Scientists train monkeys how to move virtual hands with their mind. We’re fucked.

A brain implant that allows monkeys to move an avatar’s arm and feel objects in a virtual world has been demonstrated for the first time. The animals used the device to control the arm by thought alone, and feel the texture of the objects it touched through electrical signals sent directly to their brains.

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Sony’s head mounted 3D VR visor is real and will be hitting stores in Japan November 11

In theory, VR goggles are cool, and so companies keep making them. But in practice, they’re not so cool, because in the past, they’ve been bulky, uncomfortable and a good way to get a headache. But in November, Sony is releasing the HMZ-T1 3D visor and hoping that the unit’s light weight and snazzy design will get people interested in the idea. Maybe.

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Virtual reality may be making a comeback on the PS3

Nintendo tried (poorly) at virtual reality with the Virtual Boy, and at some point in the 90s, everyone thought that virtual reality was the next future thing that would take hold at aaaaany moment now, it never really caught on for a variety of reasons. But at this year’s CES, Sony showed off some fancy new VR goggles and hinted that they may end up attached to the PS3 at some point.

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