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If you can afford it, the Polaris Slingshot may be the most fun car to drive ever

The Polaris Slingshot is a three wheeled sports car that was made to be the most exciting legal driving experience possible. It appear sto have all the best things of a motorcycle and all the best things of a top end sports car all in one amazing vehicle.

Sexy commercial of the day: Alexandria Morgan runs strapless

HuffPost says this is NSFW (pfft … I don’t think so) and it was banned for some reason, at least in the U.K. (Cor blimey!) but watch this mesmerizing and majestic video (commercial) for some TomTom GPS watch thingy set to the perfect soundtrack, Vangelis’s epic theme from Chariots of Fire. And now, without further ado, BOOBS.

Guardians of the Galaxy, done in LEGO

Sooo… who’s seen Guardians so far? Who’s going to see it this weekend? I hear it’s the best thing since the invention of the hand job or something.

It’s Friday, check out the first international trailer for Birdman starring Michael Keaton

We may not have him back as Batman, but we have him playing a struggling actor who once played a famous movie superhero, so that’s something.

And now, here’s a motherfucking supercut of every single time Samuel L. Jackson has said the word “motherfucker” in a movie, motherfucker

The first full trailer for Interstellar is the closest you’ll probably ever get to a black hole

I want to believe.

Watch a cocoa farmer from Ivory Coast try chocolate for the first time

Ivory Coast is one of the world’s biggest producers and exporters of cocoa beans, but the hard working farmers that harvest often have no idea what people in other countries use the bitter beans for. Watch the pure sweet glee on this farmer’s face when he has chocolate for the first time, and how enthusiastic he becomes on sharing with the rest of his friends and family.

This is what Ryan Reynolds would have looked like as Deadpool, and it’s pretty amazing

I tried to put this up earlier in the week, but it kept getting pulled from the internet until it didn’t anymore, so take a look before Fox decides to start taking them down again. As wonderful as this is, the reason this project didn’t get the green light has mainly to do with the fact that it would be a big budget hard R rated superhero movie with first time director Tim Miller at the helm, and those were apparently chances Fox didn’t want to take. So this is what we get— some Ryan Reynolds test footage and a dream.

Hungry yet? Watch Americans try food from Singapore.

Mmm, squid snacks, the only good I’ve ever eaten that required me to choke down vomit in order to finish.

The unfinished documentary about Tim Burton’s unfinished Nic Cage Superman movie, written by Kevin Smith, finally gets a trailer

Ooooh, I want to see.

Important Technological Device of the Day:  The Popinator

Who says that America has lost its edge in the global technology arena?  THIS is why THEY hate us.

This fall, The Simpsons will meet the Griffins from Family Guy, and it looks both gimmicky and amazing

I just really hope I just didn’t see all the jokes. This is four and a half minutes and an episode is only 24 minutes, so… 

Check out the first official teaser trailer for ‘The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies’

It’s the final piece of the Hobbit trilogy, and that looks like a really damn big battle. I’d say at least… five armies.

I support Doubling Funding for NASA and the Future Priorities of U.S. Involvement in Space because…

I believe in science.  While I don’t believe that there is a singular omniscient entity (God) keeping everything in order for us, I do believe that we are all more connected than we realize.

Please stop what you’re doing and watch the first trailer for ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’

Oh, sweet sweet gezzoline, I think I’m just gonna sit here for a bit until this movie boner goes down a bit.

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