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Today, a federal court gutted the shit out of net neutrality in the US

Today, a US Federal Court sided with Verizon, by saying that the FCC does not have the authority to enforce the doctrine of net neutrality, and ISPs have the right to throttle, choke or block traffic and data on their networks as they damn well see fit. So here’s a picture of a sad panda.

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The NSA has been collecting phone records from Verizon… and everyone else for years.


It recently came to light that as part of the War on Terror, the NSA, under the direction of President Obama, has been collecting phone records of US citizens for years, mainly from Verizon, under a secret court order. For about seven years. 

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Verizon in talks to charge for TV channels based on viewing time

Cable has worked pretty much the same ever since it came on the scene in the 1980s, in that customers are required to pay for large blocks of channels, most of which they don’t watch. Customers have begged for change and change has come slowly, but Verizon may be the one to change that by using a system that charges customers only for the channels they watch.

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Redbox Instant is almost here, will be $8/mo just like Netflix

After months of negotiating, Verizon and Redbox will be launching Redbox Instant later this month, at only $8 per month, putting it at the exact same price as competitor Netflix.

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HTC’s Droid DNA brings a big 1080p screen to the party

HTC and Verizon have teamed up to launch the HTC Droid DNA, a really thin phone with a five inch 1080p display that’s been impressing the hell out of reviewers.

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Cable operators plan to offer video games direct to consumers

While OnLive hasn’t done so great, that doesn’t mean direct, streamable and downloadable video games aren’t going to be a thing. Verizon and Time Warner cable both plan on offering a video game download and rental service through your cable box. Get ready for Angry Birds: Super Fun Special TWC Edition.

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SNL perfectly parodies Verizon’s smartphone commercials

IT’S FAST! How fast? FAST AS FAST. But look! It’s a Samsung Galaxy SII! FAST!

Verizon finally announces release date for the Galaxy Nexus. Oh wait, it’s today.

After some Best Buy stores accidentally sold some Galaxy Nexus phones to customers on the 11th, it was still up in the air as to when exactly the Nexus would officially go on sale. Yesterday, Verizon announced an official release date— today. It’s your lucky day. Go out and get you some Android Ice Cream magic.

The Galaxy Nexus will cost you $290 with a new two year contract.


Verizon and Redbox teaming up to create a Netflix competitor by early 2012

Lots of companies have been trying to get a piece of the Netflix pie for a while, and it’s been rumored that Verizon wanted to make moves on Netflix’s turf, and it looks like they’ve found the partner to do it. Some time in early 2012, Verizon and automatic DVD dispenser service co. Redbox will be launching some sort of Netflix rival.

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Verizon FiOS cable TV headed to your Xbox next month

In what could possibly be a trend, next month, customers of Verizon FiOS cable will be abel to use their Xbox 360 as a cable box. Yes ma’am, that means the same machine you already use for video games and Netflix will now double as a cable TV box.

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Deal of the Day: All Verizon phones for a penny

Right now, it seems the only mobile phone anyone can talk about is the iPhone 4S, but if you’re looking for a new phone that isn’t an iPhone, Amazon is currently running an insane deal on every non-iPhone phone from Verizon for a penny.

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Sprint and Verizon will unlock the iPhone 4S for international travel

If you ordered an iPhone 4S or if you’re planning on getting one and you travel a lot overseas, you may want to think about going with either Sprint or Verizon, since those are the only two iPhone carriers in the US that will unlock the iPhone 4S SIM card for international travel.

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So the Verizon iPhone is official. Yay.

If you’ve been living under a rock all day, today was the day that the Verizon iPhone came out. Is this something you’ve been looking forward to or could you care less? It doesn’t matter if you care less, because in the US, it’s big tech news anyway.

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The Verizon iPad is real and it’s coming October 28th

The Verizon iPhone is still a few months out, but in a surprising press release, it turns out that you’ll be able to get your hands on a 3G Verizon iPad pretty damn soon— like October 28th. Previous rumors had placed a Verizon iPad coming before the iPhone, but it was still rumored to hit sometime Q1 of next year. Surprise!

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According to sources, Verizon will be getting the iPhone in 2011 after all

After a long, long time of speculation, it looks like that the iPhone will probably be coming to Verizon after all in 2011. If this is the case, it’s about damn time. In most other countries where the iPhone is sold, it’s carried by usually no less than three providers. In the US, we have one. AT and fucking T.

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