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Worldwide vanilla shortage could bump up the price of ice cream. NOOOOOOO

Ice cream is fucking awesome any time of year, but when it gets hot out, ice cream is a necessity. For fans of vanilla ice cream like myself, we may end up paying a little more this summer for vanilla based flavors thanks to a worldwide vanilla shortage. If there ever stops being vanilla, I don’t think I want to live on this planet anymore.

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Daily Discussion: Chocolate or vanilla?

It’s a battle as old as time itself. Chocolate or vanilla? Let’s say you wake up and you’re in a chair in a small room. There’s a couple big, rough hewn and unpleasant looking Russian fellows standing on either side of you and in front of you, there are two tubs of ice cream. One is vanilla, the other is chocolate. You can only choose one and there is no escape. You must eat the ice cream. Which do you choose?

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