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This won’t mean anything to most of you right now, but Steam OS is being released to the public tomorrow

Valve’s Steam OS is going live to the public tomorrow, but unless you’re already a Linux enthusiast with lots of time on your hands, this won’t affect you for a while until some sort of purchasable console. I am not a Linux person in the least, so I’ll be waiting for a console, but if you’ve got a free box and you dig building and testing a brand new, highly specialized flavor of Linux, go for it. I’m just the messenger. However, if you do grab it and become a beta tester, there’s always a chance you could be one of randomly selected 300 people to get a real Valve prototype Steam Box, but again, they probably will expect you to do something with it.

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Mixamo debuts the Fuse character creation tool, even gets to use Valve character models


Mixamo recently released a program through Steam called ‘Fuse’ that it hopes will further democratize game creation, by making it easier and quicker for small, independent developers to create quality 3D character models. Fuse is available through Steam, and with Valve’s blessing, they even were donated a number of character models from Valve games. So go out there and make the next great Half Life porno game you always knew was in you.

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Steam releases a video to show off the controller of the Steam Box. Oooh, controllers.

"Here’s a quick look at some games being played with the prototype version of the Steam Controller — the same version that we’ll be shipping to 300 Steam users later this year. We’ll post more demonstrations like this soon, including footage of some other game developers using the controller to play their own games."

Valve announces Steam Machine, the Steam console the world has been waiting for

So I’m a couple days late on this, so sue me… I’m supposed to be on vacation. Last week, 48 hours after they announced Steam OS, Valve announced Steam Machine, a console, or line of consoles running Steam OS that will let you play all your Steam purchased games on your TV. No such box was shown at Steam’s press conference, as they said right now the console is in the prototype stage, and they’re working with manufacturers to pick the right design. They also left open the possibility that there could be several manufacturers making Steam Machines, in the way that there isn’t just one Android phone.

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Valve opens a can of whoop-ass with yesterday’s announcement of the Steam OS

Yesterday afternoon, Valve held a press conference to announce the first of its two major announcements this week— Steam OS. It’s a free, Linux based operating system just for video games through your TV. Everything you already love about Steam, now in its own OS, so you can play all those games you’ve bought on the big screen in your living room. 

So you know what this means, right? The next announcement tomorrow will most likely be for Valve’s Steam Box console. Because while sure you could get your own media PC for your living room to run this on, that approach won’t mean shit for most people.

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The Steam Universe is Expanding in 2014

Valve recently posted a new page on their steam website with a countdown clock, leading up to a big announcement. The countdown ends at 1700 GMT, on 23 September, 

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Tour of Valve offices confirms work on Left 4 Dead 3

One lucky DotA 2 player, who got to tour the offices of Valve software spotted and snapped a picture of a poster for Left 4 Dead 3, proving it is in development. Valve later confirmed this confirmation. It’s not Half Life 3, but it’s still good news.

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Steam for Linux launches, Valve holds a mega sale

Valve finally launched Steam for Linux to much fanfare, and to celebrate the new member of the Steam family, they’ve heavily discounted almost all Linux games up to 75% off.

You can grab Steam for Linux here at the Ubuntu download center

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Valve ports Team Fortress 2 to virtual reality just for kicks

Virtual reality is one of those things that periodically comes out on the table as a future technology that will become indispensable any day now. But with each new VR promise, the public quickly gets annoyed with the technology in reality. Valve has apparently been testing Team Fortress 2 made for VR to see if there’s any future in VR-based Valve games.

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CES 2013: Is the Piston the Valve Steam Box console?

While Valve has yet to officially show off the Steam Box, hardware manufacturer Xi3 was at CES showing off a Valve-branded mini computer box called the Piston. This is very likely Valve’s Steam Box console, but neither Valve nor Xi3 were offering any more details for now.

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Don’t worry… Guillermo Del Toro did get permission from Valve to rip off GlaDOS’s voice for ‘Pacific Rim’

If you remember the first trailer for Pacific Rim, there was a helpful sounding computer voice throughout that sounded awfully familiar. Sounded a hell of a lot like GlaDOS from Portal. But if you were hoping Valve had sent their lawyers out, you’re going to be disappointed. Del Toro is a huge fan of Valve’s games and got permission to use the voice, even if it’s not the same character. 


Valve’s Steam Box debuting this year, will run Linux

Valve’s Steam Box console is a real thing and it really is coming sometime this year in 2013. And the other thing? It will be running all of your Steam games and Steam profile and whatnot through Linux, which is convenient that last year Valve finally released Steam for Linux.

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The War Z, a rip-off of Day Z gets pulled from Steam for being a total piece of shit

Once a game is on the Steam store, it takes a lot to get it removed, but it didn’t take long for the Arma III Day Z mod rip-off, The War Z, to get ripped down from Steam. The game was horribly unfinished, offered lots of features that never existed and the developer went to great lengths to deceive people and take their money.

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