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Utah wants to bring back execution by firing squad as a more humane alternative to lethal injection

Even though lethal injection has been used in the US for decades as a “more humane” way of sentencing people to death, the practice has come under heavy scrutiny in the past several years as being just the opposite of humane. Chemical mixtures differ by state, chemistry reacts differently in each person, and if the exact things aren’t given at exactly the right time, an inmate may die a horribly painful, violent death instead of being quietly ushered into the great beyond. And even chemicals that are used correctly often cause intense pain to an inmate, even if the person is unable to express it. So as an alternative, Utah wants to bring back the firing squad— it’s quick, it’s pretty much guaranteed to do the job and there’s nothing too complicated about the whole process.

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Drone Footage of Thrillseekers Slacklining 400 Feet Above the Moab Desert


Man calls 911 after receiving suspicious call from his dog

Yes, it probably happened just like the above photo. Bruce Gardner was at work, when he unexpected received a call from home. He didn’t hear any voices, just banging and scratching. So he called 911, when it turned out it was just his dog, probably trying to call up some bitches or something.

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The strange goat man of Utah has been identified as a hunter from SC

Last week, the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources saw something very peculiar when some rangers were flying near Ben Lomond Peak in Ogden— what appeared to be a man in a goat costume frolicking with a herd of wild goats.

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Primitive living short film of the day: “The American Who Quit Money”

Mark Sundeen, the author of book, The Man Who Quit Money is a soulful journey into the spirit of Daniel Suelo. Suelo, gave up on money in 2000. He walked into a phone booth, pulled out 30 dollars and left it. Twelve years later, Suelo still does not have a personal ID, bank accounts, a modern home, does not take money, or live off of federal welfare. Suelo lives in caves in the canyon lands outside of Moab, UT. Suelo harvests wild foods, eats roadkill, and dumpster dives. Suelo is not an isolationist, he still is very active in the Moab community, SE Utah politics, and he is an active blogger.


A pair of homicidal lunatics rigged a Utah hiking trail with deadly medieval booby traps

A U.S. Forest Service Officer on foot patrol along a popular trail in Utah made a shocking discovery last week. A couple of crazy men rigged the entrances to a rudimentary shelter with booby traps. Fortunately, no one died, because it would have been nasty.

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Video of the Festival of Color in Spanish Fork, Utah

In the Indian subcontinent, Holi, also known as the Festival of Color is a crazy party that celebrates the coming of spring. Not to be outdone by a billion Indians, the Sri Sri Radha Krishna temple in Spanish Fork holds the world’s largest single Holi festival every year. 


Congratulations Salt Lake City for being the gayest city in America

If you were to try and guess the gayest city in America, Salt Lake City probably wouldn’t be near the top of most people’s lists. I would guess San Francisco or Key West, but nope… it’s the Mormon capital.

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Utah professor busted for looking at kiddie porn on flight from Salt Lake City to Boston

University of Utah professor Grant Smith apparently didn’t realize that when you’re flying on an airplane, you’re not in your own private little bubble and decided mid-flight to whip out his laptop to peruse his collection of kiddie porn. Another passenger noticed Smith’s choice of in-flight entertainment and alerted the crew. 

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Utah kidnapper continuously updates his Facebook page while in a standoff with police

All day today, as Jason Valdez (above, right) holed himself up in an Ogden, Utah motel room for seventeen hours, he was continuously updating his Facebook page with his take on the situation and one photo of himself and his hostage. Or “hostage”. At the end of the standoff, Valdez shot himself in the chest as SWAT stormed the room.

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Dad of the year sees his son off to school every day in a different costume

When you’re a kid, having your dad wave bye to you every morning as you get on the school bus could be embarrassing enough, but teenager Rain Price of American Fork, Utah has the added bonus that his dad dresses in a different costume every day. Sometimes it’s a pirate, sometimes it’s a white wedding dress, sometimes it’s Michael Jackson.

You can see all of the costumes here.


Outbreak of horse herpes forces rodeo queens to ride stick horses

Due to an outbreak of horse herpes in Utah, rodeo queens have been forced to forego riding real horses for stick horses. How embarrassing. Because of the outbreak, contestants at the Davis County Sheriff’s Mounted Posse Junior Queen Contest had to cowgirl up Thursday night without their mares. Instead of competing on horses, as is typically the case, contestants were asked to trot around the arena with stick horses as their show ponies.

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Horniest dinosaur ever discovered in Utah. YEAH BABY!

Kosmoceratops, called by scientists who discovered it is “the horniest animal ever to walk the Earth”. Well I seriously doubt that— obviously they’ve never met my dog. Kosmoceratops lived in what is now southern Utah, a place not known for horniness, when Utah was a whole lot of swamp and had a whopping 15 horns on its head.

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