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Mysterious “light source” coming out of the Martian surface has amateur alien hunters all in a tizzy

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This is the box of crazy: Found box contains one man’s drawings of a weird alien/angel encounter from 1977

"So a friend of mine found this box by the trash, it is full of wonderful, crazy illustrations. Clearly something happened to this guy that was very memorable. It measures roughly 29" by 38" and almost all the drawings are very large."

Half of the box just contains old letters, boring technical drawings and hand-drawn world maps. The other half is full of illustrations, sketches and description of one man’s bizarre encounter on night in Florida in 1977 with flying beast-serpent-angel alien creatures.

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US government finally admits to the existence of Area 51

Whether you call it Area 51 or Groom Lake, people have known the US government has had a super duper top secret facility out in the Nevada desert, though the government has always officially denied it until now. And now that Area 51 officially exists, what was there? Oh nothing, certainly no aliens, just U2 bomber stuff.

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According to the Russian navy, space aliens love our oceans


According to declassified documents from the Russian navy, extraterrestrials and UFOs are very real, but most of the encounters seem to happen in or above the ocean. That’s one thing we do have going for us… we’ve got a whole lot of water. So if you’re looking to spot some UFOs, just spend a lot of time on the ocean and you’ll probably see something eventually.

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Most Americans favor Obama over Romney in handling an alien invasion of Earth

In an election year, there are all kinds of polls conducted, such as “Who would you rather have a beer with?” and “Which candidate do you trust more with the economy?”.  But in one of the more interesting potential voter polls, 65% say they would rather have Obama in charge during an alien invasion of Earth over Mitt Romney.

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Mysterious Baltic Sea object was supposed to bring answers, instead only brings more questions

For a couple months, the alien conspiracy web has been abuzz with an undersea expedition by the company OceanX to raise and examine a large, mysterious object at the bottom of the Baltic Sea. The object, described by some as the “Baltic Sea Millenium Falcon” appears to some to be some sort of crashed alien spaceship, complete with deep tracks in the seabed where such an object would have skidded to a halt under the waves.

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NASA’s UFO files to be revealed on an upcoming Science Channel program

This coming Tuesday, on the final episode of the Science Channel’s month-long “Are We Alone?” series, the network promises to reveal lots of never-before-seen UFO files from NASA. For all the hype, I imagine it’s going to be as revealing as that time Geraldo Rivera opened Al Capone’s secret vault live on TV. Remember how groundbreaking that was?

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13 cases of world governments and militaries confirming secret human contact with aliens

During the Cold War, sightings and rumors of aliens and UFOs was at a frenzy for several decades. Rumors about things crashing in New Mexico, alien bodies and ships behind held secretly in Nevada, people claiming they were being abducted by aliens, seeing UFOs over major cities around the world, etc. 

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Massive cloaked mothership spotted parked next to Mercury, because of course that’s what it is

On December 1st, NASA’s STEREO spacecraft was just chilling out, watching a coronal mass ejection splashing over Mercury when it spotted a massive, cloaked spacecraft parked next to the inner planet. Well, that’s what alien hunters think it is.

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White House: There have been no alien visitations, there is no alien cover-up. Well, fuck.

Either trying to destroy everyone’s hopes or dreams or perhaps simply covering up the conspiracy even further, the White House announced this weekend that there have been no extraterrestrial visitations or contact, no found alien tech and there’s no conspiracy to cover anything up. Of course, that’s what they want you to think.

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Man mistakes the Moon for a UFO, calls 911

On Halloween night, a man in Herfordshire in the UK called 999 (the equivalent of 911 here in the Colonies) to report a large object with “lights blazing” hovering near his house, only to call back several minutes later, embarrassed when he realized he was just looking at the moon. Alcohol’s a hell of a drug.

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