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Hands on with Ubuntu Phone OS at CES 2013

Sure it looks nice as hell, but can it compete in a marketplace where even the mighty Windows is struggling?

Ubuntu unveils an Ubuntu mobile OS and smartphone


In decades of its existence, Linux desktop usage has never really made it into the mainstream. And now that the desktop OS is slowly becoming a niche product, Ubuntu will be the first major Linux flavor moving to the mobile sphere with an Ubuntu mobile operating system and mobile phone. And god, I hope this works, because the Ubuntu mobile OS looks absolutely gorgeous (starting at @ 7:00 in the video below).

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Dell announces an Ubuntu ultrabook, if you’re in the market for such a thing

People who are fans of Linux aren’t always the same people who are looking for the straightforwardness and simplicity of a netbook. But Dell’s going to give it a college try, announcing a line of Ubuntu powered ultrabooks.

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Canonical brings Ubuntu to your phone, runs alongside Android

If you’ve got a high end Android phone and you’re a Linux fan, you can now have both at once with Canonical’s Ubuntu for Android. It doesn’t replace the Android OS, but when you dock your phone, you can run Ubuntu on a normal sized monitor and keyboard with the phone acting as the computer.

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Ubuntu is bringing smart TV and other consumer products to CES

At CES next week, as far as I can tell, much of the consumer product focus will be on smart TVs, super thin TVs, super thin laptops and lots more cheap tablets. And while most of the smart TVs will be running some form of Google TV or a proprietary system, Ubuntu is expected to show off some Linux-powered smart TVs as well.

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Ubuntu Linux headed to smartphones, tablets and smart TVs

Not about to let Apple, Microsoft and Google remain the only players in the mobile revolution, Ubuntu announced yesterday that it too will be competing with mobile and TV versions of Ubuntu Linux for smartphones, tablets and smart TVs.

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