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And now, here’s a video of two tortoises having sex

Gotta watch it with sound on, all the way to the glorious conclusion.

Meet the soft shelled turtle who pees through its mouth and breathes through its balls

This is one of those science stories you may have heard by now, one that I’ve been meaning to post for days, but somehow never got around to. Anyway, a soft-shelled turtle from China can urinate from its mouth and breath through an opening in its genitalia. That would be awesome if people could do that.

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Because I know you’re curious, here’s a tortoise penis in action. For science.

And by “in action”, I mean you’re about to watch a tortoise’s bizarre flower-shaped dick make its way out of its body, and it’s going to bust a nut right on someone’s patio. Just thought you should be aware of that before you see the video.


Ten out of a thousand drivers will purposely swerve to hit small animals in the road

In an informal survey of a thousand drivers, a guy puts rubber snakes and turtles in the road to see how many intentionally swerve to run them over.

Morning music videos: TomSka “Mine Turtle”

Why do I get the feeling this is the hit song I always should have written?

Submitted by Delsyd

Ancient turtles died in the act of making sweet, sweet turtle love

Normally, when scientists find fossils, the calcified bones are alone, left where they died as the herd ran off. But for a pair of turtles living in Germany 47 million years ago, they died in each others turtle embrace and have been forever preserves in congress.

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David Attenborough uses his wonderful voice to narrate a video of a tortoise humping a shoe

Recently on BBC One’s Graham Norton Show, natural history filmmaker Sir David Attenborough provided a live voice-over narration to the viral video that shows a tortoise mounting a Croc shoe.


And now, here’s a pair of sea turtles giving each other high five

Because sea turtles are like with it man, you know what I mean? They’re the freshest.


Study finds turtle embryos communicate to synchronize hatching

Even though turtle eggs are laid at the same time, a clutch doesn’t develop at the same rate. But a long term study of Murray River turtles in Australia has found that these turtles are able to somehow communicate with each other to synchronize their hatching, with some speeding up or slowing down development to keep in line with their siblings.

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And now, here’s a big-ass alligator snapping turtle eating a watermelon

Just don’t get your finger too close when he’s hungry.


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