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Video of George Zimmerman, just a couple hours after he killed Treyvon Martin shows no blood, no bruises

In his official statement to police, George Zimmerman claimed teenager Treyvon Martin attacked him, punched him in the face, broke his nose and repeatedly bashed his head into the concrete sidewalk. But in a police station video from when Zimmerman was brought in to give his statement, there’s not a scratch, not a bruise, not a drop of blood on him or his clothes. If someone had broken his nose, it would be clearly visible even in this grainy video and he would be gushing blood until his nose was repaired, but as you can see, there’s nothing of the sort.

In all this, I want Zimmerman arrested and put on trial just to end the internet craziness and mob mentality. That’s why we have a justice system— to ask questions and find out the truth. Just fucking do it so we can get on with our lives.

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Geraldo Rivera goes full retard on Fox News, blames Treyvon Martin wearing a hoodie for being gunned down

No, it has nothing to do with Florida’s idiotic new “Don’t Retreat” self defense law or some crazy, paranoid guy who thought he was doing something for his neighborhood. Treyvon was wearing a hoodie. He was asking for it.


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