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IHC Movie Reviews: Transformers: Age of Extinction

The newest Michael Bay helmed Transformers film is plaguing theatres now, and there is no doubt that it will drag in boatloads of cash. These films have always done a balancing act on the edge of totally ridiculous and most hated films of the year, and always seem to really piss off fanboys. So how does this one do? Does it finally do the property justice, or is it just another huge pile of crap that can transform into an even bigger pile of crap?

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Don’t have time to catch up on the three previous Transformers movies before friday? Just watch them all at once with Red Letter Media.

If you thought Michael Bay action movies were cookie cutter, you haven’t seen how accurate that actually is.

New Transformers 4 trailer tries and fails miserably to explain how Transformers work

"Molecularly unstable atoms"? Seriously guys? That’s waaaay worse than "reversing the polarity of the neutron flow". Just stfu and show us more robot dinosaurs.

"Vantage", LEGO Game Boy Advance Transformer by Baron von Brunk. Check out the tutorial on Instructables to build your own!

At last, the next LEGOformer in my most popular series — Vantage, a powerful robot that transforms into a Nintendo Game Boy Advance, armed with battery blasters and parody “Boom” automatic shotgun! With a basic design much akin to my Game Boy robot Domaster, along with a refined transformation cycle similar to that of my Game Gear robot Gearhead, this new figure is very sturdy and well-articulated. My previous LEGOformers were built “organically”, as in I’d compile a ton of relevant pieces and build the robot via trial and error — whilst this particular one was my first to be almost entirely designed on the computer with LEGO Digital Designer before being physically built and tested. That being said, the 3D instructional guide was released simultaneously. What was the most challenging part? That Boom shotgun: I spent several days trying to make one that looks like an actual gun as well as having the ability to be held by the robot as a weapon. I chose Doom since that was my favorite GBA game I played in high school back in 2002. My second favorite GBA game was Namco Museum!

-Baron von Brunk

Brand new Transformers 4 trailer has motherfucking DINOBOTS

Marky Mark’s all like “Transformers are old” and Stanley Tucci’s like “Humans don’t need the Transformers anymore” and then BLAM DINOBOTS HELL YEAH

Every single robot transformation from the first three Transformers movies

Say what you will about the overall value of the Transformers movies, but I’ll never get bored with that robot transforming sound.

Yes, Optimus Prime appears to be riding a Dinobot in this Transformers teaser trailer

How is it that Transformers: Age of Extinction, this many movies in, looks like it might be the best one based on this teaser? It just does. OPTIMUS PRIME IS RIDING A DINOBOT FOR FUCK’S SAKE.

Man in China builds a giant Transformer replica to propose to his girlfriend. That’s how you do it.

According to Chinese news site Jinyang, he constructed this three-story-tall model of Optimus Prime over the course of 10 months to impress his girlfriend enough that she’d say yes. The superheroic machine took 400 drawings, 40,000 rivets and nearly $10,000 worth of stainless steel and iron.

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Fan art toy of the day: Optimus Prime As A Wooden Tiki Sculpture

The leader of the Autobots goes Polynesian with this custom 8-inch vinyl Optimus Prime figure from The Loyal Subjects by Mike “Nemo” Mendez dubbed “TikiTPrime Warrior” and will be on display at the upcoming Transformer Show at Toy Tokyo.

(via Toys R Evil)

Fan art of the day: Classic Chinese Transformers

Two stunning pieces of artwork by Chinese artist nkzhangwang (张旺). They incorporate the aesthetics of China’s Three Kingdoms/Six Dynasties eras with Transformers.

(Source: salted-pork-knuckles)

Miss USA crushes the competition in a Transformers-style, Optimus Prime costume in the 2013 Miss Universe National Costume Show

At this year’s Miss Universe pageant, the costumes were all over the top spectacular and faaaaabulous, but Miss USA showed what ‘Merica is all about in a kick ass red, white and blue Optimus Prime getup. Transformers, roll out.

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