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If a back-alley tranny offers to inject cement into your ass cheeks, just say no

Some people are desperate to get bigger butts and more curves, but no matter how desperate you are, going to a transsexual woman in some dark room so she can inject a mixture of cement and god-knows-what-else into your ass cheeks is never a good idea. 

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During WWII, the Allies had a secret plan to turn Hitler into a lady. A damn sexy lady.

In the fog of war, opposing sides come up with all sorts of strange and interesting plans to try and gain an advantage over the other. And for the Allies, one of those plans involved slipping estrogen into Hitler’s food over a long enough period of time to change his mood, and as an added bonus.. if it gave him boobies, that would have been hilarious as well.

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IHC After Dark: What is pony space?

What is ponying? I’m not entirely sure, but this tranny in a park explains it.

US Airways will make you believe that a man dressed in woman’s underwear can fly

When the unnamed old guy above took a flight from Ft. Lauderdale to Phoenix, he decided to dress smart and comfortably in a set of women’t blue lingerie and a small sheer sweater. And despite many a protest from his fellow US Airways passengers, he was allowed to board. 

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British oil exec tries to evade the press by dressing in drag, doesn’t work out so well

Martyn Crute of UK Oil and Gas had to appear in court yesterday to answer charges of illegal trading for 15 months without being properly registered. I don’t know wtf that means, but what I do know is that he tried to evade the press outside the courtroom by dressing as a woman, as seen above.

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Chaz Bono explains being transgender and gender reassignment to David Letterman

Oh, Dave… the onion on your belt is showing. Don’t you know that getting a sex change is the new shoe shine? Everyone’s doing it.


Transgendered woman who was savagely beaten in a Baltimore McDonald’s speaks out

Last week, a video surfaced on the internet of a woman getting the shit beaten out of her in a Baltimore McDonald’s and I didn’t post it, because not knowing the backstory, I just thought it was another video of someone getting in a fight in a fast food restaurant like we’ve posted a couple times before and frankly I didn’t want to deal with the inevitable “Lol angry black woman what do u expect” stupidity. But it turns out this story is a little more than just two people getting in a fight at McDonald’s.

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MTF transsexual contestant on Thailand’s Got Talent does a duet with herself

Next up: “Baby It’s Cold Outside”.


In keeping up with Taco Thursday, here are some trannys fighting in some unlucky taco restaurant. 

No need to fight, ladies. There’s tacos for everyone.

Pioneering Thai airline hires lovely ladyboy flight attendants

Most airlines have extremely high standards for flight attendants, and that’s no different with PC Air out of Thailand. The only difference with PC Air is that they actively recruit and hire male to female transgendered flight attendants, the first airline in the world to do so.

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