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Disney releases a clip of “Toy Story of Terror”, a Halloween themed Toy Story short

Shortly before Halloween, Disney and Pixar will be showing a brand new Toy Story short film on ABC called “Toy Story of Terror”. It probably isn’t the most terrifying thing you’ll see this month, but it’s Disney, so you shouldn’t expect pants-shitting terrifying.

Watch the clip here

Cosplay of the day: Iron Buzz Lightyear

This was such a wicked crossover, suit looked really well made! Armour is always one of the most impressive feats of home made cosplays :D

More pics MCM Comicon 2013:

All of the first Toy Story movie re-created with real toys

This took two-and-a-half years for Jonason Pauley and Jesse Perrottato to complete and it is incredibly impressive.


NASA’s new prototype space suit for going to infinity and beyond


Called the Z1, this new space suit prototype from NASA bears more than just a passing resemblance to Buzz Lightyear. All it needs is a laser gun in the arm and a pair of retractable wings and the future would truly be here.

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Watch Pixar’s short ‘Partysaurus Rex’ in full

Now that Pixar’s new Toy Story short has come out in theaters alongside the 3D re-release of Finding Nemo, Disney has released the entire short online for free, at least for now. 

Check it out here

Guy changes the ending of Toy Story 3, makes the most depressing Pixar/Disney movie ever

So this guy’s mom had never seen Toy Story 3, so before he showed it to her, this prankster edited the ending so that all the toys die at the end. Toy Story 4: Woody comes back as a Terminator…

Sneak peek of the new Toy Story short “Partysaurus Rex”

A couple days ago, we showed you a screenshot of Partysaurus Rex, and now here’s a 40 second clip of Rex getting the party started up in here for the bathtub toys.

Partysaurus Rex will be shown with Finding Nemo 3D in September.

First look at Pixar’s new Toy Story short, “Partysaurus Rex”

Coming bundled with Finding Nemo 3D in September is a brand new Toy Story short film called “Partysaurus Rex” in which Rex finds himself among a group of bath toys and manages to use his tiny, mostly useless arms to do what the rubber bath toys can’t— turn the water on and get the party started.

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How Pixar almost completely lost Toy Story 2 to a bad backup

"Pixar’s Oren Jacob and Galyn Susman recount how the files for Toy Story 2 were almost lost due to an accidental Linux command and bad backup. It’s probably a little over-dramatized from what actually happened, but is a good reminder to back up your important files!"


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