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And now, here’s an axe being made from scratch using only hand tools

John Neeman Tools is a small company of master craftsmen who make tools, mostly axes, adzes and hatchets. This is a sample of the work that they do. Watch a man turn wood, steel and leather into a finished axe. This is serious information you’ll need to know when society completely collapses.


2011 IHC Gift Guide: For the burglar with bad eyesight, here’s a glow in the dark crowbar

Why would someone need a glow in the dark crowbar? Maybe doing some glow in the dark Half Life cosplay? Maybe if someone’s a burglar and they want to draw more attention to themselves prying open a window? Maybe in case of the zombie apocalypse, you want to be able to find the crowbar in the back of your car that much faster?

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Saw through tree limbs safely with the JawSaw

Chainsaws are awesome, but they sometimes can be too big of a tool for a job and they also have a bad habit of kicking back if you’re not careful and/or if you’re trying to saw tree limbs overhead. 

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Real men use a crovel: Combination shovel, crowbar, hammer and machete

This thing. It can do anything. All it needs is to be attached to a shotgun and you’d be god damn near unstoppable. $85? Chump change.



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