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Afternoon deep science: Why does time exist?

Time does exist, obviously, but why? Here’s my two cents on this fundamental question: Because it has to in order for any workable universe to exist in the first place. We don’t know how many zillions of times our universe, or any other popped into existence and disappeared in a fraction of a second. In our Big Bang, during those first few milliseconds, shit is going everywhere— energy, particles, pieces of particles, photons, strings, quantum particles etc are shooting in every direction, colliding into one another, transforming from one thing to the other. But in order for a universe to succeed at all, there has to be space, so things have somewhere to exist, and there has to be time or there’s nowhere or no possibility of anything going anywhere or doing anything. So of all the crap spewing out of any big bang event, there’s only one thing that’s not optional, one thing that has to fly out of that singularity as straight as an arrow for a medium for everything else to exist in in order to create a successful universe and that’s space-time. Everything else can work itself out over eons, but if space-time completely reverses itself or is otherwise fundamentally unstable in any new universe, that universe will collapse into nothing. If for even a millionth of a second when the universe is only a millionth of a second old, space-time has to be steady as a rock or space time loops back on itself and the baby universe pops out of existence.

New quantum theory might explain the weird flow of time

We now know that time is a thing and not just a meaningless manmade concept, a thing that can speed up and slow down and be warped, but what the hell is it exactly and why does it seem to march forward unimpeded by much of anything else at all? Why does it not jive with any bit of classical physics and only barely seems to work with quantum physics. Now, physicists are unmasking a more fundamental source for the arrow of time: Energy disperses and objects equilibrate, they say, because of the way elementary particles become intertwined when they interact — that strange effect called quantum entanglement.

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Here is a very inspirational infographic animation video about time and how much time the humans have left in this universe..The History and Future of Everything

Publisher is the science animation channel “Kurzgesagt”. (

Daily Discussion: How would you explain the essence of time to a three year old?

This is a question a friend asked recently, and while she was looking for a much more practical answer, like using a wooden clock to teach the long hand and short hand, it made me wonder how you would try to explain something like “What is time?” to a three year old? It’s a question that isn’t clearly understood at even the deepest levels of physics… we know time is a real thing, but we don’t know exactly what it is, and yet how would you explain to a three year old the very essence of time stretching across the universe and back?

Using temporal cloaking to hide data transfer

In the past several years, there have been advancements in developing visual cloaking devices that bend light around an object to make it appear invisible. But even cooler is when you can hide something in time, or temporal cloaking. Such a sci-fi feat is now possible in the field of data transfer— scientists have been able to hide data in a beam of light, hidden in time itself to make it appear to have never existed.

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The tantalizing evidence that life on Earth may have been seeded by other planets. You know what this means? CYLONS.

Proposed four dimensional crystal clock could theoretically outlast the universe itself

The problem with thinking about the improbability of a perpetual motion machine is that regardless of how clever you think you are, forever is forever, meaning even our own universe will one day, a long time from now, completely run out of energy and will die. This situation is known as the heat death of the universe, and at that point, nothing will be left. Except perhaps this clock…

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Scientists posit theory that at some point, all time could just stop

It’s the current accepted wisdom that the universe is expanding and expanding, and at one point, it might all just drift apart or it could contract into a singularity again. Or, as an alternate theory, at some point, billions and billions of years from now, time could eventually come to a stop and everything just freezes in place forever.

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Minute physics: “How long is a second?”

The moon may be 1.3 light-seconds away, but why on earth do we measure distances using time?

What’s the difference between the past and future?

Why is the past different from the future? Caltech physicist Sean Carroll explains how the arrow of time is not an intrinsic property of physics, but rather an emergent feature.

Mind-bending reading material: “An Experiment With Time” by JD Dunne, 1927

In 1927, an Irish aeronautical engineer named JW Dunne wrote one of the most influential and controversial books that you’ve probably never heard of called An Experiment With Time

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So this is what the end of time looks like

Since it’s highly unlikely that you’ll be around to see the end of time, so a pair of physicists have simulated what the end of time would look like using the magic of metamaterials.

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Update: Time cloaking is real and it’s pretty wicked

Last week, there was an article on IHC from November of last year on how temporal cloaking was very possible and recently, a team at Cornell university actually fucking did it— they created a temporal cloak and a hole in time itself. Fuck.

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Space time cloak could hide events in the folds of time

"If you had someone moving along the corridor, it would appear to a distant observer as if they had relocated instantaneously, creating the illusion of a Star Trek transporter," says McCall. "So, theoretically, this person might be able to do something and you wouldn’t notice."

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