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Marvel’s Thor is now a chick, and what this might mean for the future

Yesterday morning, Marvel announced on The View of all places, that in the next issue of Thor, the mighty Norse god will be a she. “This is not She-Thor. This is not Lady Thor. This is not Thorita, this is Thor”. According to the storyline, Thor does something to piss everyone off and is deemed to not be worthy of wielding the hammer anymore, but that the new female Thor had her life saved by the current one, and now somehow is Thor. Idk, details are scarce, but Marvel says this is a permanent change, though for right now, it with only affect the ‘Thor’ comic book, not the offshoots.

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Loki arguing with children is adorable as hell

If there was any doubt that Tom Hiddleston was the best super villain ever, let them now be quashed.

IHC Movie Reviews: ‘Thor: The Dark World’ (2013)

Marvel Studio’s newest superhero flick Thor: The Dark World is in theatres now, and it continues to expand the Mavel cinematic universe. How does it do? Does it live up to the high standards Marvel has made, or should it stay in Asgardian jail?

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Tom Hiddleston does his impersonation of Owen Wilson as Loki

While doing a Q&A at Popcorn Taxi, Tom Hiddleston falls into his impersonation of Loki, had he been played by Owen Wilson.

Check out the first full trailer for Thor: The Dark World

Lots of smashing and crashing and lightning and breaking shit all over the place. More.

Cosplay of the day: Lady Thor by ReblRC61 on deviantART
Submitted by zombotron

Cosplay of the day: Lady Thor by ReblRC61 on deviantART

Submitted by zombotron

Hackaday creates an 80,000 volt Thor’s hammer

Who wants a plastic Halloween prop Mjolnir when you can make one with THE POWER OF THE GODS?

Check out the first trailer for Thor 2

Damn this looks pretty good. Very different than the first one.

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