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Watch as Beethoven’s “Symphony No. 9” is played on 167 theremins inside Russian matryoshka dolls in Japan

Why are the theremins inside Russian nesting dolls? Idfk, because Japan.

Open source, sonar controlled vibrator lets you use your whole body as a theremin

This toy serves as a kind of analog bridge between two remote spaces: the column of ultrasonically-oscillating air in front of the remote, and whatever body part happens to be in contact with the vibrator. Touch that invisible space above the remote, and the vibrator touches you.

In fact, it does start to feel like there’s a palpable object in space above the remote’s sensors. Move your body close to it, and it reacts. Press into it lightly, or tease the edges. Flick your hand through it, or make graceful waves back and forth. You can use your whole body to touch it, almost like a big fuzzy vibrating cone floating in air.

If the sensor can see your body’s rhythms, it responds in kind, effortlessly synchronizing to its frequency. This is exactly the sort of closed-loop control I was after.


It’s a badger… it’s a theremin… it’s a badgermin

Considering the body of a theremin can be in pretty much anything, why not turn a stuffed badger into a theremin? Actually, a better question would be… why would anyone play a non-badger theremin ever again?

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Optical theremin is way easier to play, but doesn’t sound nearly as pretty

Theremins make beautiful music, but they can be tricky to learn how to play. An easier solution would be a theremin that uses infrared light that changes pitch depending on the proximity of a barrier that bounces the light back. 

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The EaTheremin is a fork that’s a theremin, making music when you eat

Music, or really annoying theremin noises, whichever you prefer. Developed by researchers at Japan’s Ochanomizu University, the EaTheremin emits a high pitched sound when the food carried by the fork meets the mouth, forming a circuit. Foods have different resistences that create varying sounds.


Finally, someone invents a mind-control theremin

Apples in Stereo singer/producer Robert Schneider took a Mattel MindFlex toy with EEG sensors and hooked it up to a theremin. When he thinks hard, the pitch goes up and when he stops thinking as much, the pitch goes down.

You can also see his how to video here if you want to try this at home.


Really old repost of the day: Cat plays a theremin

Cats love theremins. If yours doesn’t, it’s probably a fake cat.

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