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Check out a preview of Avatar Land in Disney’s Animal Kingdom, opening in 2016

Disney says it will be a “transformative experience”, but if I can’t have sexytime with the sexy blue ladies, I’m not going.

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Universal Studios Orlando is building a real life Cabin in the Woods

Just in time for Halloween, Universal Studios Orlando will be launching a reproduction of the twisty-turny-scary-as-fuck titular cabin from the film The Cabin in the Woods.

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Parents hiring handicapped people so their kids can jump in line at Disney World is now apparently a thing

Lines at theme parks can be long and torturous, but Disney honestly does everything it possibly can to make your wait shorter and less excruciating at its parks. Apparently, that’s got good enough for some parents, who have gotten into the habit of paying random handicapped people to pose as part of their family long enough to get bumped up to the front of the line.

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Australian billionaire wants to build a real life Jurassic Park, kinda

While it may not be possible to clone dinosaurs that have been dead for millions of years, one Australian billionaire wants to do the next best thing— a Jurassic Park like theme park populated with advanced life sized robotic dinos. Hell, many of the dinosaurs in the Jurassic Park movie were animatronic, so it could work, and it would be far safer than the real thing.

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Disneyland may very well likely add a Star Wars park

The day that Disney bought Star Wars, many people speculated that at some point, Star Wars would go from just a periodic weekend event at Disney World into a full blown park either inside or separate from other Disney parks. So it’s no surprise to now learn that Disney does indeed have bold plans to possibly build a Star Wars park inside Disneyland.

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Will a no-money wireless payment system make Disney World more magical or more expensive?

Disney is constantly thinking of new ways to enhance the experience of its theme parks by reducing wait times, keeping visitors busy and happy and providing more entertainment for your buck. But in the future, those bucks might be harder to keep track with a Disney World wireless payment system.

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Universal and the Tolkien estate may have a Middle Earth theme park in the pipes

With three hugely popular Lord of the Rings movies and a trilogy of Hobbit movies, Tolkien is one hot property in Hollywood. Now there are rumors that Universal is working with the Tolkien estate to create a Middle Earth theme park. If Harry Potter can do it, it shouldn’t be difficult at all to sell a gazillion tickets to a Middle Earth adventure.

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Check out Disney’s terrifying new interactive robot

Disney is developing a robot that can interact with visitors at its theme parks. Throw a ball, he catches it. If he doesn’t catch it, he uses body language to acknowledge the fact. Throw more balls, and you can juggle with it. The unnamed robot is only in development now, and looks unnervingly like the Terminator.


South Korea proudly opens its toilet theme park

The Restroom Cultural Park is billed as the world’s first toilet theme park. It’s a monument to the colorful former mayor of Suwon, a man known as Mr. Toilet. The late Sim Jae-duck was himself born in a toilet and had an affection for loos throughout his life, rigorously promoting public facilities while mayor.

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Dreamworks is planning its own movie theme park in gorgeous New Jersey

With quite a few animated features now under its belt, Dreamworks has decided it wants to go the Disney and Universal route and build its own theme park. The park, which will be in New Jersey, will showcase Dreamworks’ animated films such as Shrek, Puss in Boots, Kung Fu Panda and Madagascar.

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With much of Detroit having fallen apart, it’s the perfect place for a zombie apocalypse theme park

At least that’s the thinking behind ‘Z World Detroit’, a proposed theme park that would incorporate a big chunk of Detroit shithole for the amusement of locals and tourists alike.

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First look at the Angry Birds theme park in Finland

Okay, so it’s no Disney World… it’s more like a giant Angry Birds themed playground, but okay. When you get to launch people into buildings with a slingshot, give me a call and I’ll book a flight.

Disneyland Paris might be a getting a ‘Star Wars Land’ park in 2015

When it first opened in 1992, Disneyland Paris was a bit of a joke and was a money pit of a project for Disney for a while. By now, things have picked up and Disneyland Paris is doing pretty well, and in 2015, they’ll be getting a Star Wars Land park. Okay, so I’ve gotten used to Lucas shitting all over the franchise, but I’d still love to see a Star Wars park in the US. All we get is Star Tours and a dancing Darth Vader.

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Disneyland’s ‘Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride’ being turned into a film

'Mr. Toad' is one half of the 1949 Disney package feature film 'Ichabod Crane and Mr. Toad', one of a series of films Disney did in the 30s and 40s that were shorts packaged into a single release. Later, Disneyland introduced the 'Mr. Toad's Wild Ride' ride, which became an instant hit. Now, it looks like that ride is getting its own movie. A movie based on a theme park ride based on a movie, based on the novel Wind in the Willows.

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Maryland’s Enchanted Forest abandoned theme park is a cute survival horror zombie nightmare

The world is full of abandoned theme parks— China, Russia and Japan certainly have their fair share— but in the US, when a small theme park fails, it’s generally quickly replaced with a more profitable strip mall. Except for Enchanted Forest in Maryland, where the rotting remains of this park built in the 50s look like a bizarre post-apocalyptic Candyland nightmare.

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