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How an artificial superintelligence might give birth to itself, and why humanity might be fucked in the process

Lately, Elon Musk has gotten a lot of press for saying that true, self aware AI could be a bigger threat than humanity than nukes, and I personally don’t think this is hyperbole. While it seems inevitable that artificial intelligence will only continue to grow, become faster and more capable, there one day might be a point of no return, where AI becomes self-aware, self-repairing, self-evolving, and it might once that threshold is crossed, such a superintelligence could grow exponentially until human beings, once its master, becomes relegated to no more than worker bees— biological data collection and experience units feeding into an ever-growing artificial intelligent meta-organism.

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I support Doubling Funding for NASA and the Future Priorities of U.S. Involvement in Space because…

I believe in science.  While I don’t believe that there is a singular omniscient entity (God) keeping everything in order for us, I do believe that we are all more connected than we realize.

The luxury space balloon that will take tourists up to 100,000 feet

There’s Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic and Elon Musk’s SpaceX, but not as well known is this luxury space balloon from World View, that in about four years, should be ready to start taking tourists on five hour flights through the upper levels of Earth’s atmosphere. It may not have Virgin Galactic’s super sexy stewardesses or whatever Branson will have up there, but it will give you the most amazing space balloon ride ever, and that counts for a lot.

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Israel is building the mass transit system of the future using magnetic pods

While the rest of the region crumbles into anarchy around it, Israel is looking ahead towards the future, ready to build the mass transit system of the 21st century using little maglev pods suspended from rails. The system has been in the works since 1990, and if all goes to plan, it should start construction in Tel Aviv sometime pretty soon.

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One day very soon, you might have to ask yourself whether you would eat insects

One day, you probably will and you’ll realize it’s not any big deal.

When you combine Google Glass with guns, you’ve got the beginnings of the soldier of the future

Using Google Glass software to give a marksman a real time heads up display means no more exposing your crunchy skull to fire when trying to shoot around corners among many other things.

Harley-Davidson’s first electric motorcycle, the LiveWire, will be dropping in 2016

Harleys are well known for not only their iconic look and build, but their iconic deep throated rumble. In 2016, Harley will be selling its first ever electric bike that will have neither of these things. The bike is still in final testing and has not been officially confirmed by the company, though they have released teasers of the imminent announcement, and the bike will apparently make an appearance in Avengers 2, as Scarlett Johansson’s Black Widow stunt double has been seen riding one in costume and on set.

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Elon Musk says we’ll be putting a man on Mars in 10-12 years

Earlier this year, an independent study found that a manned mission to Mars would just be waaaaay out of NASA’s budget for some time. But PayPal/Tesla/SpaceX founder Elon Musk spoke on CNBC recently and predicted that it would only be ten to twelve years before we launch people to the red planet.

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Here’s NASA’s totally awesome design for a future warp drive ship

Just because NASA’s budget isn’t nearly what it should be, it doesn’t mean they can’t dream big about the future. The above rendering is a beautiful look at what NASA thinks a warp drive ship of the future would look like. There’s the ship itself, and on the outside, you’ll notice the two enormous rings that would theoretically create the warp bubble.

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Honeywell jumps into the internet of things with its Lyric Wi-fi thermostat


When Nest launched its circular Wi-Fi enabled learning thermostat several years ago, it was the most awesome thing the thermostat world had seen since the invention of the thermostat. Now with iOS and Android rolling out automated home platforms, you knew Nest couldn’t be the only thermostat of the future for long. Honeywell’s Lyric looks and feels like a Nest, but the thermostat is just the beginning. In the near future, Honeywell hopes to have a whole line of Lyric products to control all kinds of things in your home from your smartphone.

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Just throwing it out there, but Toyota is investing in hovercar technology

While it’s not a “flying car”, Toyota did say earlier this week they’re investigating hover car technology. Oh boo hoo, not flying cars. There are already flying cars, and you want one, but you don’t want anyone to have one, because cars flying around in three dimensions is just a logistical nightmare. But a car that hovers just above the ground? Oh yeah I could get behind that. And make sweet love to it.

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One man’s crazy awesome plan to put a self-assembling house on the Moon

The Moonhouse Art Project, led by Swedish artist and entrepreneur Mikael Genberg aims to democratize space exploration by bringing man closer to Earth’s nearest celestial body, the Moon. the crowd funding initiative proposes to install a self-assembling house on the Moon, which will be sent up in October 2015 on SpaceX’s Falcon 9 spacecraft. designed by American aerospace company Astrobotic, the 9 sqm red building – trimmed with white fascia, windows and a front door – will bringing the barren, dead moonscape to life for the first time in history.

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New smartphone chip will allow your phone to beam 3D HD holograms by 2099, I mean by 2015

If you’ve completely given up on hologram displays or smartphones and other devices that can beam high definition holograms, next year that’s going to change. A new dedicated processor, small enough to fit in a phone will debut next damn year, giving your phones of the near future the ability to do things like send a hologram to someone to ask for help, in something that’s far smaller than an R2 unit.

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The SpaceX Dragon V2 spaceship is here and boy is it amazing

Last night, SpaceX gave a long and detailed demonstration of the second version of its Dragon spacecraft, appropriately named the Dragon V2. The current Dragon is an unmanned supply ship that’s mainly been just used for testing and very limited use in resupplying the ISS, but the V2 is a human operated, human carrying little spaceship that can go into orbit, come back, land anywhere on Earth with the accuracy of a helicopter, refuel and hop right back up into space. 

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