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Watch the late great Ray Manzarek record keyboard for Weird Al’s Doors style tribute song “Craigslist”

Doors keyboardist and co-founder dies at the age of 74

There were two things that defined the sound of The Doors… one was the languid voice and dark, brooding lyrics of Jim Morrison and the other was the soulful and intricate keyboard melodies of Ray Manzarek. And today, at the age of 74, Manzarek passed from this mortal coil to join Jim Morrison on the other side.

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Afternoon music: Shirley Bassey “Light My Fire”

Doors cover songs seem to vary quite a lot… most musicians I’ve heard covering the Doors are trying too hard to imitate Jim Morrison in some way and miss the mark. But in 1970, Shirley Bassey did this classic her own damn way and nailed it. More or less.


Afternoon music mashup: Cope/Doors/Beatles/Verve “I Am the Trampoline to the Other Side”

An amazing four-way musical mashup that works so well.

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Jim Morrison predicts the future of music in 1970

During an interview in 1970, Jim Morrison predicts the future of music. “I can envision one person with a lot of tapes and a large electronic set-up and a of machines…” Just call him DJ Mojorisin.

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Listen to the newly discovered Doors track “She Smells So Nice”

When producer Bruce Botnick was putting together the new 40th anniversary edition of the Doors classic L.A. Woman, he discovered the tape of an unreleased song recorded during those sessions titled “She Smells So Nice”, which you can listen to below.

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Jimmy Fallon as Jim Morrison doing the Reading Rainbow theme song

Not a fan of Fallon’s interviews, but holy fuck when he does stuff like this, I want to have his man-babies. 

Morning music: “The WASP” by the Doors, live

Today being the 4th of July and all, this seemed like an appropriate All-American musical selection. Because if the Doors aren’t America, then fuck you.

The real story of how Jim Morrison died

On July 3rd, 1971 Jim Morrison was found dead in the bathtub by Parisian paramedics who had been called to his apartment by his girlfriend Pam Courson. The official cause of death was heart failure, presumably from years of drug and alcohol abuse. But for decades, some people who were there have insisted that Morrison died earlier in the night of a heroin overdose at the Rock n’ Roll Circus club.

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