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Bane Outtakes is seriously the funniest thing I’ve seen this year

I know it hasn’t been 2013 for long and this video is about a week old, but this is seriously awesome. Bane has a thing for strawberries in the first third of the video, but don’t let that put you off, because it just keeps getting better.

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Everything wrong with The Dark Knight Rises in three minutes

CinemaSin takes on The Dark Knight Rises, picking out everything wrong with the movie in three minutes. Some of it’s nitpicky, some of it isn’t, but the whole video still made me chuckle. Also, IT IS SO FULL OF SPOILERS so if you haven’t seen Dark Knight Rises yet, don’t watch this video and then bitch that the movie was spoiled for you.

Could Joseph Gordon Levitt be making a cameo in Man of Steel?

DC has only a few years to try and do with Justice League what Marvel did with The Avengers, but so far it hasn’t really come together in the same way. There were the Christopher Nolan Batman movies and the upcoming Man of Steel Superman movie, but they don’t seem to tie in to a larger Justice League film. Or maybe they do…

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Kevin Smith explains why he likes Avengers more than The Dark Knight Rises

While I personally really liked The Amazing Spider-Man, and would even call it my favorite Spider-Man movie ever, it couldn’t hold a candle to The Dark Knight Rises or The Avengers in terms of sheer scale. Kevin Smith, normally much more of a DC guy, recently explained why out of the this year’s two summer comic book movie juggernauts, he likes The Avengers more.

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Is Joseph Gordon Levitt going to be playing Batman in the Justice League movie after all?

Whether this is just wild fanboy speculation or something tethered in reality is unknown at this point, but the Justice League movie rumor mill is spinning like a jet engine over rumors that Joseph Gordon Levitt might end up playing Batman in Justice League.

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Warner Bros is pushing The Dark Knight Rises for every Oscar ever

This next couple of months, we’ll see a tidal wave of sappy Oscar bait movies, but Warner Bros is already pushing hard to try and get some Oscars and Oscar nominations for The Dark Knight Rises, Christopher Nolan’s last Batman film. Which Oscars? Pretty much all of them.

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