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Frank Miller’s ‘Dark Knight Returns’ No. 2 cover to be auctioned

Frank Miller’s 1986 ‘Dark Knight Returns’ not only reinvented Batman forever, but changed the way that readers and writers thought about comic books in the modern era. And now, one of Miller’s pen and ink alternate covers is going up for auction. If you’ve got the scratch, it would look great in your Bat-mansion. The expected auction price is somewhere around $500,000.


Batman’s all like “Giddy up, I’m the Lone Ranger!” in this new clip from The Dark Knight Returns part 2

The second half of the animated film version of The Dark Knight Returns hits video on January 29th, and all you need to know about this clip is that Batman rides a horse. Enjoy.


Check out the trailer for part 2 of ‘Batman: The Dark Knight Returns’

Part two of the animated adaptation of Frank Miller’s definitive Batman graphic novel will be coming out early next year, and here’s a little sneak peek of the awesomeness in store. I love Michael Emerson as the Joker… it’s a different take than most of the other Joker voices and it’s creepy as hell.


Check out the trailer for the animated Dark Knight Returns movie

Now that The Dark Knight Rises is out, let’s take a look at the first trailer for the animated version of Frank Miller’s ‘Dark Knight Returns’, with Peter Weller as the voice of Batman.

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Other than all the new video game trailers, a new Dark Knight Rises trailer came out this weekend

Okay, so it’s only got a smidgeon of new material, including Bruce Wayne telling Lucious Fox he’s retired, but there’s also a lot of Gotham going to hell, so there’s that. DAMMIT JULY, HURRY UP.

Is an animated version of Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns in the works? Ohpleaseohplease

So next year, we’ve got Christopher Nolan’s final Batman film, and beyond that, DC has already been talking seriously about another run at the Batman franchise and a Justice League movie in 2013, but now there’s rumors that there will be an animated version of Frank Miller’s classic The Dark Knight Returns.

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