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Tom Hiddleston in talks to star in The Crow remake

The remake of The Crow has been on Hollywood’s do-to list for a couple years now, but they’ve had problems trying to find the perfect person to play Eric Draven. Now it looks like Tom Hiddleston is seriously being considered— while he’s not the first person I would think of, I think it could work.

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The final webisode of ‘Everybody Loves Draven’, the Crow-as-a-sitcom

This is the final episode of my friend’s web series that puts The Crow in an early 90s sitcom. There’s more if you click through to YouTube.

The Crow, if it were a sitcom: “Everybody Loves Draven”

Hollywood is doing a Crow reboot, but what if The Crow were a 90s sitcom?

Bradley Cooper likely set to star in the remake of The Crow

When you first heard that The Crow was being remade, if you did, who might you have imagined taking over the role of Eric Draven, made popular by Brandon Lee? For me, it certainly wouldn’t have been Bradley Cooper. Sure he’s funny in The Hangover and perfect in the A-Team movie… but The Crow?

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