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Stephen Colbert retires “Stephen Colbert” so that Stephen Colbert can take over The Late Show


Well, I guess it isn’t much of a surprise.  Stephen Colbert has been announced as the official replacement as host of CBS’s Late Show. And also unsurprisingly, he’s not bringing his Comedy Central “Stephen Colbert” with him, which begs the question: Does anyone know what the real Stephen Colbert is like anymore?

Stephen Colbert sings “Oopsie-Daisie Homophobe”

Based on the Brad Paisley / LL Cool J song “Accidental Racist”

Watching Google’s Eric Schmidt interviewing Stephen Colbert is the nerdiest hour you’ll spend this evening

What starts as an interview about Colbert’s new book turns into a dissection of Colbert the person vs Colbert the character, politics, the internet and other fun topics.

Stephen Colbert offers Trump $1 million if he can put his balls in Trump’s mouth

In response to Trump’s offer yesterday of $5 million to charity if Barack Obama makes public his school and passport records, Stephen Colbert has offered Trump $1 million if Colbert can dip his balls in the Donald’s mouth, to Colbert’s satisfaction.

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Stephen Colbert and author Maurice Sendak talk about children’s books while they huff markers

This is part two of Colbert’s hilarious interview with children’s author Maurice Sendak and of the two, it’s the funniest, though it’s pretty fucking close. 

Watch part 1 here

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